Mini Review| Spark and Sorrow – Rachel A. Marks

Fire & Bone is such a good book and I’ve been waiting for more in this series. The author recently gave us a short story/prequel, Spark and Sorrow, and it did not disappoint. Today I want to tell you about this short story! A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review.

Mini Review| Spark and Sorrow – Rachel A. Marks

Before Sage, the Second Daughter of Fire took her place among the demigods that rule over modern-day Los Angeles, there was a Legacy already playing itself out, a battle of wills among the deities. It began with the First Daughter of Fire—Lily, the Queen of Spark and Sorrow. This is a piece of her forgotten tale.
Lily is the child of the Great Goddess, Brighid, though you'd never know it by her life. A life so simple, the pages of human history never recorded her fingerprint. No fae tale was ever woven to mark her time on this earth. She was, instead, tucked safely away behind abbey walls. Contained. A prisoner.
Until the fateful day when the shadows come calling.
And the Wild Hunt begins...

Spark And Sorrow (Otherborn #1.5) by Rachel A. Marks
Published by Shadow of the Wood on 02/12/2019
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 175
Format: ARC


” I’m alone in this world, whatever I do. Stealing a single moment of such simple companionship won’t change my fate.”

I really loved Fire & Bone and was very excited when the author announced Spark and Sorrow. There is a lot of magic and history that has already passed in that book and I feel this novella makes me understand the story just a little bit more.

Novellas and short stories can be a hit or miss and Spark and Sorrow was definitely a hit more me. I loved the world this story took place in and how dark it felt. Lily is an interesting character. She’s been locked away to be kept safe, but she’s ready to start exploring the world and her magic. A lot of people think the worst of her and Lily is determined to prove them wrong.

“My spirit wants to love someone forever. Even a stranger.”

Spark and Sorrow is a story that hooked me from the start. I really loved Lily and how hard she was trying to just be herself and prove she wasn’t a demon. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. I loved the aspect of love and her making deals. Everything came together in the end and left me wanting more.

I think a re-read of Fire & Bone is needed, because I loved being back in this world. Also, Spark and Sorrow made me even more excited for the next book in the Otherborn series. If you love fantasy, I definitely recommend checking this author out!

Spark and Sorrow really pulled me back into this world! I love when short stories are done right and really make you want more! What do you think of short stories/novellas? Let me know in the comments.

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