Review| The Way Back – Taylor Danae Colbert

If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’m a big fan of Taylor Danae Colbert’s books. I’ve loved them all (It Goes Without Saying, Bumps Along the Way, Off the Record and Rowan Revived). So you can imagine how excited I was when she announced a Christmas novella she had ready for her readers really fast!

The Way Back releases today and is amazing! A big thanks to Taylor for providing me with an ARC to read and review.

Review| The Way Back – Taylor Danae Colbert

Going home for the holidays doesn't exactly hold the same meaning when a piece of your heart isn't there anymore.I'm going through the motions with my family, putting up the lights, trimming the tree. But nothing feels the same.Until Liam Crane walks back into my life-and back into my house-after all these years.He's got the same boyish smile, only, he's all man now. And much to my dismay, his big blue eyes can still see right through me, just as easily as when we were kids.When he laughs, my heart heals a little. When he tells me what he felt back then, I actually want to smile.But he has his own pain to deal with, and it's the same pain that took him away from me all those years ago.We didn't work out back then. Things were complicated. But if we can learn to lean on one another, maybe we can find the way back.

The Way Back: A Wellsworth Christmas Novella by Taylor Danae Colbert
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 84
Format: ARC


The Way Back is Christmas novella that I won’t forget anytime soon. My review won’t be too long, because being a shorter story, I don’t want to give away too much! That being said, for an 84 page novella, it gave me all the feels!

Let’s start off by saying, I love this cover and love that authors are using covers like this more often. The Way Back follows a member of the Wellsworth family, Fiona. Even with this short story I can tell that I want to be a member of this family.

“And I think about the miraculousness of it all. How empty the holidays can make you feel if something or someone is missing, but how full you can grow to be if the right person is there at the right time. That some wounds will never heal, but that someone or something else can heal wounds you didn’t even know you had.”

It’s clear that the Wellswoth family suffered a tragedy and is finding their way back. This seems to be hitting Fiona especially hard and it’s definitely explained why. I really enjoyed Fiona. She’s a family person and it’s interesting see her finally let her family in.

Liam, who’s always been like family and a guy she’s always been in love with comes back. Tis the season for second chances and Taylor Danae Colbert leaves a smile on your face with this story. I have to say that she did bring me to tears and I connected with everyone in this novella. She made me want more of this Wellsworth clan! The Way Back is definitely a novella you need this holiday season!

This definitely increased my Christmas mood! I love this time of year. Have you read any holiday books or novellas? Let me know what ones I need to check out. Also, I can’t wait for more of this Wellsworth family!

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