Event Impression | Dutch Comic Con – Winter Edition

Most people will have heard of Comic Con. They’re pretty big these days and held in different areas. The Netherlands is a country that organizes the occasional Comic Con. The most recent one was Dutch Comic Con – Winter Edition. It was held on November 23rd and 24th in Utrecht and we both visited on Sunday and want to tell you about our day!


At first, I actually wasn’t planning on going to Comic Con. I’ve heard about it, but that was it. Until I saw on Facebook that an author my boyfriend is a big fan of was coming to this edition of Comic Con. After telling him, he was pretty excited. So as an early birthday gift, I gave him the books and a ticket to go to Comic Con. It was an early start for the day, but we got on the train to go there.

I have to say it was quite overwhelming. So many people and a lot of noise. Once we got in there, it was hard to know where to start. There was a huge gaming area with different competitions. Then the comic/book area (that just happened to be my favorite part, haha). Of course, I didn’t leave without buying a book!

Then right next to that, was the area where the guests were interviewed. It was a lot of fun seeing Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. I stood and listened to a bit of her interview, but unfortunately, with all the noise from the game area that was close to the stage, I couldn’t hear it very well. I really think it would’ve been better, if that was in a seperate area.

After that, we decided to go see all the stands in the merchandise area! I have to say that was the part that kind of disappointed me. There was so much to see, but it was so busy, you didn’t really get the chance to see everything without people trying to push next to you so they could look as well. And I really didn’t see anything that I wanted.

After that, later in the afternoon, there was a session with R.F. Kuang (the author of The Poppy War) and Annie Bellet (a new to me author). They mostly talked about creating characters and writing in general. It was interesting to hear them talk about this and how they look at different things. After this panel, I actually bought the first volume of one of Annie Bellet’s series. It sounded so good and she was really enthusiastic about it. On top of that, I had the chance to have it signed, so can’t miss out on that.

All in all, I did enjoy myself, even if it wasn’t everything I expected it to be. I got to meet two amazing authors and had a lot of fun with Isabelle and my boyfriend. I really think they should’ve promoted these authors more. If I hadn’t seen the post on Facebook, I would’ve missed out on this opportunity!


Like Candyce, I didn’t plan on going to this Comic Con at all. The three days before I was in Disneyland Paris so I knew I would be super tired and that my leg would be hurting a lot. But while I was walking around in Disney, I kept debating whether or not I should buy a ticket. The tickets weren’t that expensive so in the end I decided to just buy one. I mostly wanted to go for R.F. Kuang but I was also curious how it all would be.

Like Candyce said, it was very busy and there was a lot of noise. I think they definitely should’ve gotten more separated areas. It such a shame when you can’t hear the panels very well. I saw Tyler Posey and loved him in Teen Wolf but there was no way I would understand a word of what was being said.

I came a bit later than Candyce so she was able so show me around a bit. We started with the Comic area, a wonderful place haha. There were some great discounts so I got myself 3 volumes of Saga. I do still need the two volumes before that but for this price I couldn’t not get them. I also got the second volume of Scales & Scoundrels, I’m very excited to continue that story!

After the lovely panel with R.F. Kuang and Annie Bellet it was time to get my book signed. And like Candyce said, after hearing Annie talk I also wanted to get her book. She writes a novella series so I got the bind up of the first four novella’s in that series. It sounds like a fun and quick series so I hope to read it soon.

Then it was off to the merchandise hall! I actually really enjoyed it! Yes it was busy, but I was able to look at everything on my own pace and I think I spend about 2,5 hours there haha. Firstly I bought a game and the expansion I had been wanting to get for a while. I’m super happy I finally got my hands on them and I can’t wait to play it. Around the holidays is when we start to play more games at my house so I will definitely grab this then. I also got a Risk: Vikings edition, and my mom will gift it to my brother and me for Christmas haha.

I also came across a lot of super cute art and had to contain myself or I would’ve bought everything that looked remotely cute haha. In the end I bought art from two shops. From the first shop I got a Christmas card for a friend of mine, she loves Stitch and I just went to Disney with her so it seemed very appropriate. I also got a Christmas card for the swap I’m participating in. It’s a super cute Niffler one! From this shop I also got two art prints/cards for myself. One is with liquid luck, and it looks amazing. The other is a print with a ticket for the Quidditch world cup, one of my absolute favorite things from the Harry Potter books.

Lastly I got a couple of bookmarks from another wonderful shop. They had so many beautiful things and I almost bought a really cool bag. But I managed to keep it to the bookmarks. They’re pretty big so I think I will use them as art to display rather than bookmarks. I got one with Luna Lovegood’s glasses, I always love seeing them so I’m happy to get this one. The next one is of the Hogwarts train with the flying car in front of it. I actually got two of these, the other one will go into my swap buddy’s box. And lastly I’ve got one of the Weasley twins joke shop. Fred is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters so I’m super glad I have an art print of this now.

So this was our impression of Dutch Comic Con – Winter Edition. Have you ever been to a Comic Con? Or had the chance to meet one of your favorite actors or actresses? Let us know in the comments! We love hearing stories about stuff like this.

3 thoughts on “Event Impression | Dutch Comic Con – Winter Edition

  1. I’ve never been to any of these kinds of events but I have always felt like they would be super busy. Since I hate being in crowds coz I love my personal space I commend you for being able to handle that!
    Anthea recently posted…Reindeer Readathon 2019My Profile

    1. Luckily it wasn’t too crazy! But yes, definitely a lot of people in your personal space. That’s always hard about these kinds of events, I’d definitely go again though!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a good time!! I’m sorry you couldn’t hear the panels better. I’ve been to Denver Comic Con and they had the panels in their own separate areas so it was really cool! I love the Luna glasses bookmark!!
    Brittany recently posted…OwlCrate November 2019 UnboxingMy Profile

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