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Jennifer Hanks got a special place on my favorite authors list after I got really attached to her Dimarco series. She’s writing a new series, Sinners MC and it definitely caught my attention. Sweet Revenge is out today and you don’t want to miss this amazing story!! Keep on reading for my full review.

Loyalty. Bravery. Honor.

Three words the men of the Sinners MC live by.
Three virtues they have sworn to defend.
No matter what the cost.

Meet the intense and sexy men of the Sinners MC in Maggie and Gunner’s story where revenge isn’t the only sweet victory.

He shouldn’t want her.

Maggie O’Brien has the ability to destroy him and his plan for revenge on his club’s biggest threat.

But he’s craved her almost as long as his retaliation, and nothing will stop him from getting everything he’s always wanted.

Not even the man he fears she really loves.

She doesn’t trust him.

Ryker Evans, a.k.a. Gunner, has the ability to change that with his kind words and soft touches.

But she decided when she sacrificed herself to save another that she would never give someone the power to break her again and that kindness comes at a price.

A price she is no longer willing to pay.

In a world filled with lies and secrets where freedom is fleeting, can they learn to love each other enough to survive?

Or will the cost of revenge be too high?


“As much as I didn’t trust Gunner, I somehow recognized that if I could learn to trust him, I would feel safer than I ever had in my life.”

Like I said after reading another book recently, I don’t really read that many MC romances. After reading Sweet Revenge, I think that may need to change. Jennifer Hanks has already made me fall in love with another set of characters (the Dimarco family) and with Sweet Revenge, a whole new group of characters earned a spot in my heart.

Sweet Revenge takes your heart hostage with all the feels during the first chapter and doesn’t even let go at the end of the book! This book is very intense and I couldn’t put it down. I may have been less mentally available the day after finishing this book, because I stayed up way past my bedtime.

Maggie’s life started out okay, until she lost her mother. Left to take care of herself, she ended up in a situation that was worst than she thought it would be. Snake ‘saved’ Maggie, but is not a loving man. Maggie is hurt so often, but she just can’t leave. She doesn’t know it can be different. Eventually it gets to far and she finally decides it’s time to stand up, even if it costs her everything.

“Sometimes darlin’, when we feel like we’re drowning, we grab onto the first thing we se that might save us. That’s not a mistake. That’s surviving.”

I felt so much for Maggie and it broke my heart. What I loved the most about her, is that after everything she’s been through, she still has such a kind heart. Maggie wants to believe in good, even though people have proven her wrong so many times. She’s also a fighter and so much braver than I think I’d ever be in her situation. I loved watching her start to trust again and experience things that are totally normal for most people, like reading a romance book on a Kindle.

Gunner seems like a man you don’t want to run into at first and like your typical MC member. Even if it’s clear from the start the Sinners are different than most MCs I’ve read about. Gunner may seem really tough, but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye (something I love reading about). His past is definitely still haunting him, but will he be able to get past it? The Sinners are his family, but that’s not everything he has going on.

I loved Gunner! He was so protective and caring when it came to Maggie. Even though I don’t think he ever expected to start falling in love the way he did, it happened. Also, behind the tough mask, there is a world of hurt from things that happened in the past. I think he needed Maggie to let himself confront the feelings of the past. Gunner just needed an extra push to realize he had people who really cared and trusted him. Just like Maggie, I love how he develops in this story.

“You make me feel like a survivor, not a victim, not a pathetic shell of a person Snake convinced me I was. You make me feel like my opinions matters, and you give me choices without any pressure or fear that I’ll make one you don’t like.”

Then we have to talk about Maggie and Gunner together. Even though it may have seem to gone quick, I loved how everything felt natural and built slowly. It’s clear they both feel a connection, but it’s new. Maggie seems to need more protection and support, but she does just as much for Gunner. They had me laugh and also brought tears to my eyes. They really deserve each other and happiness.

On top of that, there is definitely an aspect of suspense in this book. Twists and turns I didn’t see coming and an ending that went a lot differently than I expected, that left me wanting so much more!! The characters besides Maggie and Gunner are amazing and I need more of this MC. Becs was hilarious and I would love to read her story, haha. Then again, I’d take anyone at this point.

My absolute favorite part though, was that Jennifer connected my beloved Dimarcos into this story. Even though Sweet Revenge can be read as a standalone, you’ll appreciate them just a little bit more if you’ve read her other series! All in all, this was an amazing book and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book!

After reading Sweet Revenge and Gypsy King, I’ve definitely become more interested in MC romances! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

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