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Time for another Show Sunday! I recently started watching a show I wanted to watch for quite a while. And that show is Santa Clarita Diet. I remember seeing the first trailer and being interested right away, but somehow I never started it. Last week I wanted to watch an easy 30 minute show on Netflix and that’s where I saw Santa Clarita Diet. So let’s dive into that show today!

Sheila and Joel are married real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, their lives take a dark turn.

In the first episode Sheila dies but comes back ‘undead’. She seems totally fine at first, but we soon discover she will only eat raw meat. And after a taste of human flesh, there’s no going back!

This is basically a zombie show, but it’s a lot different than any other zombie show I’ve ever seen haha. While most zombie shows are very dark and suspenseful, this one is just dark on humor. It is very much a comedy, but it does take some killer turns.


So far there are 3 seasons with 10 episodes each. I’m halfway through season 2 and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the show somewhere next week. These episodes are so easy to go through and I just want to keep on watching. I find it all super hilarious and I’m laughing out loud all the time.

Sheila and Joel are such a great couple! Joel really supports Sheila on her endeavors ┬áto find food. They both try to still be good people and also good parents. Of course this is all influencing Abby, their daughter, as well. She is pretty great though, I really enjoy how she’s dealing with everything. And her friendship with Eric so precious! Eric himself is wonderful haha. He is such a nerd but I feel like he is really blossoming and he might be my favorite character. All though it’s a vey close call because Joel and Sheila are amazing as well haha.

All in all this is wonderful dark comedy and I would highly recommend it. It somewhat reminds me of  Cougar Town, Suburgatory and Insatiable with a hint of iZombie. Might sound like a really weird combination but I think it does work! If you watch the first episode and enjoy it, I would highly recommend to keep going. Have you watch this show already? Or are you planning on watching it? Tell me in the comments!

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