Show Sunday | First Impression New Fall Shows Part 2

A lot of new tv shows are starting so Candyce and I shared some of the tv shows we were interested in. And two weeks ago I shared my first impressions of some of the shows I’m watching. Today I’m back with more first impressions! The four shows I’ll be talking about are Stumptown, Nancy Drew, Evil and Batwoman. Let’s get in it!


You might remember me saying this was the one I was least interested in. And after watching the first episode I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue the show. It was enjoyable, it largely followed the trailer, I laughed, but I wasn’t blown away. But last week or so, I wanted to see at least one more episode before writing this post, and by now I’ve seen all 4 episodes. I’m actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. There are new cases weekly but there’s also the start of something going on in the background. And that’s definitely the most intriguing part of the show for me. I really enjoy the actors and will be continuing for now.

Nancy Drew

I was really looking forward to this one and couldn’t wait for it to start. The trailer looked pretty creepy and for me the first two episodes had that same creepiness. I’ve seen quite some negative reactions to this, as it deviates from the original books and the movie. It’s definitely a darker version! And I am enjoying that darkness a lot. The relations are developing so while for example Nancy and George aren’t the best of friends yet, I can totally see that could be where we’re heading. It looks like we’re getting two season long mysteries and I’m all here for it. There seems to be a ghost involved and I truly hope this is actually supernatural. I cannot wait for the next episode!


This one had the most creepy trailer! And while I was intrigued, I wasn’t sure this would be a series for me. After watching the first 4 episodes I’m definitely invested. This is creepy but not in the way I was expecting it to be. It’s super interesting to see our main characters trying to determine whether the people they are investigating are supernatural evil or ‘just’ regular people evil. And you could discuss about these cases for a long time. I’m enjoying this balance a lot.


I’m not really a batman fan, but I do like the DC tv shows so I figured I’d give this a shot. After watching the first two episodes I’m not convinced yet. All the parts for a great show seem to be there, but I’m still missing something. Might just be that I’m oversaturated with superhero shows for now, or maybe this one just isn’t as good as the others. I do really enjoy the actors in this one, the character Alice is my favorite for sure! She is such a great villain, but Batwoman herself falls a little bit flat for me. Hopefully she’ll grow on me.

Together with the shows in the last post, these are all the new fall shows I’m watching so far. Do you think I’m missing out on a masterpiece? What is your favorite new tv show? I think mine are Prodigal Son and Nancy Drew! Come talk tv shows with me in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Show Sunday | First Impression New Fall Shows Part 2

  1. Thanks for the round up! I am such Nancy Drew purist that I am not entirely sure I can watch a show that’s not in the same spirit of the books. I was really intrigued by Stumptown’s trailer, plus always have liked Cobie Smulders so may check that out after all!

    1. Happy to help! It’s definitely hard to see changes to something you really love.

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