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I have a new addiction! The last two weeks or so I’ve been listening to podcasts almost non stop haha. And I’ve been almost exclusively been listening to true crime podcasts. I love it when people can tell a compelling story and have been creeped out more than once! Today I want to talk about my three favorite true crime podcasts so far. Let’s dive in!

And That’s Why We Drink

This is a wonderful and creepy podcasts! Every week Christine and Em tell two stories. One is a true crime story, the other a ghost or paranormal one. This makes for about an hour long episode, so I haven’t listened to that many yet but do plan on slowly catching up on them. I didn’t know any of the stories they talked about yet so that was fun. And I already added a location to my bucket list!

They currently have 141 episodes plus 33 listeners stories. Christine and Em are super funny and I really enjoy listening to them. Voices are so important in a podcasts and theirs are great! They also tells us about the milkshake and the wine they are drinking while recording, because “and that’s why we drink!”

My Favorite Murder

Don’t you just love the title of this one? It’s definitely why I clicked on it haha. I haven’t listened to that many of these yet, probably the least out of all three of them. These episodes are pretty long, most are at least an hour and a half long. Karen and Georgia tell each other a favorite murder of theirs.

There are 191 episodes and 144 minisodes with home town crime stories from friends and fans. I haven’t listened to those minisodes yet but I’m excited to hear the stories everyone sent them. From what I gathered in the episodes I listened to, these are truly friends talking to each other and it’s not just straight up about the murder. We get to listen to them talk and there’s a bunch of stuff they discuss!

Crime Junkie

My favorite podcast so far! I’ve listened to almost a 100 episodes so far and have about 25 to go. Ashley and Brit talk about missing people, murders, serial killers and a couple of suspicious deaths. I adore Ashley’s voice and could (and have been) listen to her for hours on end. Brit is so cute, and I’m always waiting for her to say she has “full body chills”.

These episodes are usually 30 to 40 minutes long which makes them quite easy to go through. I always think ‘just one more’ and have been listening while lying in my bed, being totally creeped out haha. More than once I was actually to scared to go to sleep hahaha, why do I do that to myself?

Do you listen to any podcasts? And where do you listen to them? So far I’ve only used Spotify to listen to podcasts and all of them have been true crime ones haha. Come talk to me about podcasts!

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    1. Thank you! I hope you like any of my recs! And if you find other you enjoyed, please tell me! I’m hooked haha

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