Bookish Item| Signed Books Part 2

As a book lover, there’s nothing like meeting the authors behind your favorite books. This time I didn’t actually get to meet the authors, but a friend of mine did and had a few books signed for me! In the past I have written about my signed books and thought it would be fun to do another post! Let’s check out the signed books I’ve recently added to my collection.

Last month a few friends of ours went to RARE in London. Melissa was one of them and asked if there were any books I wanted signed! That was such a hard question, because so many authors I love were going to be there. I couldn’t send too many though, because not only did she had to travel with them, I also can’t buy that many at once, haha.

I originally bought four books, including Bad For You by J. Daniels. She had to cancel her trip to things happening in her personal life. Which is completely understandable, family comes before anything! I would’ve bought the book anyways. I got to read an ARC and loved this story!

That left three books that were signed for me at RARE. I’ve actually only read one of these so far, but will pick up the other two in the near future (hopefully, haha).

Nightchaser – Amanda Bouchet

After reading Kingmaker Chronicles, I knew I would read anything this author published. The next in line was Nightchaser and I was lucky to get an ARC of this book! I loved this world and characters and can’t wait for the sequel. This one hadn’t been added to my collection yet, so the perfect opportunity to also have it signed. Also, look at this stunning cover!!

Just One of the Groomsmen – Cindi Madsen

I’ve read a couple of books by Cindi Madsen and I love her writing! Just One of the Groomsmen is a recent release from earlier this year and sounds really good. In all honesty, I’m normally not a fan of people on covers, but I love this one. I think it’s sweet she’s wearing sneakers and not uncomfortable shoes, haha. This is one I will read when I need a fun read between heavier books.

Top Secret – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Sarina Bowen wasn’t at RARE, but I still really wanted this book signed. Top Secret is their newest M/M romance. They’ve written together before Him & Us was an amazing duology. When I read these I laughed out loud and loved the characters. So I was really excited when they announced this book. I kept wanting to get this book and the signing was the perfect excuse!

These are the latest signed books I’ve added to my collection. What signed books are you proud to have in your collection? Or what authors do you really want to have your books signed by? Let me know in the comments!


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