Show Sunday | First Impression New Fall Shows

A couple of weeks ago both Candyce and I shared the new fall tv shows we were looking forward to. Some of these shows started up last week and of course I watched the pilots and the second episodes! Today I want to share my first impression for these shows with you all. We’re going to look at Prodigal Son, All Rise, Bluff City Law, and Emergence. Let’s get into it!

Prodigal Son

Okay, this might be a new favorite! I already loved it after the first episode, and the second just confirmed it for me. As a big Criminal Minds fan, this will be the new show for my crime kick! I love to see these brutal murders being solved with the psychological component. And this show has the added bonus of our MC being a serial killers son. There seems to be a nice mystery going on as well and I’m all here for it. The story telling is compelling and I like the characters. I really hope they can keep this up!

All Rise

I loved the trailer for this one and enjoyed the first two episodes. However, so far it isn’t a new favorite. I will keep on watching for a couple more episodes but as more shows start back up this might be one that I’ll drop. The characters are very enjoyable and definitely what drives this show in my opinion. I also really like some of these actors and am happy to see them on my screen again. It’s interesting to see some of these cases from another side then most shows do. Let’s hope it will grab my attention more firmly.

Bluff City Law

This was probably the one I had the lowest expectations for out of all the shows I’m talking about today. The trailer looked interesting but somehow I got a feeling I wouldn’t like it as much as some of the others. However, these first two episodes proved me wrong. This show is a bit reminiscent of Burden of Truth. I love this big city lawyers who go back to their roots. While I wish we got a season spanning case like in Burden of Truth, the cases we’ve gotten so far have been interesting. There is quite some personal drama going on and I’m sure we’ll see more of that later on. For now, I’m looking forward to next weeks episode.


This show has a pretty interesting premise, but at the same time it doesn’t seem to bring anything new. I love Allison Tolman and thinks she is doing an amazing job in this role. All the actors are doing a pretty good job actually. But the story moves quite slowly and I’m not sure if I find the mystery compelling enough to keep watching without getting any answers. I don’t mind a slower story, but there as to be an element to keep you interested. And so far this one doesn’t really have that for me. I will be watching the next episode, and we’ll see how I feel after that!

So these were four of the new fall tv shows I started watching. Prodigal Son was my absolute favorite and I’m super excited for next week! Bluff City Law surprised me and I hope All Rise and Emergence will become a little bit more exciting. Have you watched any of these shows? Or do you plan on watching them? Let me know in the comments!

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