Cover Reveal| I Knead You Tonight – Teagan Hunter

Earlier this year, I read A Pizza My Heart and this was such a cute book. Teagan Hunter knows how to make her readers laugh and now she’s back with a sequel. In about two weeks we’re getting I Knead You Tonight and today is cover reveal day! Let’s take a look.



I hate Drew Woods, and she hates me. Even so, I’m not the cold jerk most make me out to be, and I have no problem moving the single mom and her baby into my home. I do, however, draw a line when it
comes to acting on the way her loose lips make me feel.
She’s too mouthy, too prying, and her curves are way too distracting. I
might have lost my way after a nearly fatal car accident, but I’m not stupid.
Giving in to Drew would be a short-lived fix for this pain I’m saddled with,
and I
knead something permanent.
I’d be insane to think what we have could be anything other than temporary…right?
I’m a Missouri-raised gal,
but currently live in North Carolina with my US Marine husband and 9-year-old
dog. I spend my days begging him for a cat, and I survive off coffee, pizza,
and sarcasm. When I’m not writing, you can find me binge-watching various TV
shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill. I like cold weather, buy more
paperbacks than I’ll ever read, and I never say no to brownies.
Writing is my passion, and this is just the
beginning of my journey.



I think this sounds like another fun book by this amazing author! I can’t wait to read it. Have you read anything by this author? Let me know if you have in the comments!

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