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Another month is just about over, so it’s time to take a look at what books next month will bring. September was nuts when it came to new releases, so we’re wondering if next month will be just as bad. Let’s take a look at our anticipated releases for October!

Scars Like Wings – Erin Stewart (October 1st)

The cover is what caught my attention and made me read the blurb. I’ve never read a book with the main character being a burn survivor. I love that authors have been taking on different things in books. I can’t imagine what it’s like and I’m curious about this book.

Angel Mage – Garth Nix (October 1st)

I’ve never read anything by Garth Nix before, but this one does sound interesting. In all honesty, I don’t know many people that have read books by this author. I am very curious.

Crier’s War – Nina Varela (October 1st)

Even though I’m not completely sure this is a book for me, it sounds pretty interesting. There are some pretty positive reviews on Goodreads as well. Doesn’t sound like your typical fantasy story.

10 Blind Dates – Ashley Elston (October 1st)

I’ve seen this one around quite a bit the past few months and it sounds like so much fun! A contemporary that takes place around Christmas time. My favorite time of year. I’m starting to make a list of books I want to read around that time and this one is going to be on it.

Now Entering Addamsville – Francesca Zappia (October 1st)

I loved Eliza and Her Monsters and Made You Up! So when I heard Francesca Zappia was releasing a new book, I was very excited. And just look at this cover!! I have high expectations for this one.


Daughters of Nri – Reni K Amayo (October 1st)

Twins separated at birth, both goddesses who believe they are human. This will probably be pretty epic! They need to defeat the man who brought the gods to their knees. Excited to see how he did that and how they will defeat him.

Cursed – Thomas Wheeler (October 1st)

A King Arthur retelling where the Lady of the Lake is the true hero? And a book that is already being adapted into a Netflix series? Time to jump unto the bandwagon!

The Memory Thief – Lauren Mansy (October 1st)

A YA fantasy where memories are currencies. Yes please! A rebel group, a mom in an asylum who needs to be saved from being auctioned and a memorized map that needs to be stolen. All wonderful ingredients, so hopefully this book will live up to it!

The Good Luck Girls – Charlotte Nicole Davis (October 1st)

This book is marketed as Westworld meets the Handmaid’s Tale meets Thelma and Louise. It’s has a historical fiction, Wild West type of fantasy world and it just sounds WILD!

Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo (October 8th)

Leigh Bardugo has written a few YA books that I’ve really come to love. Ninth House isn’t a YA book and it has been said that this one is pretty dark. I’m still really excited to give this one a go! There were also a lot of pretty versions of this one.

The Beautiful – Renée Ahdieh (October 8th)

Isabelle and I were both lucky to get an e-arc from Netgalley and hope to read this one before release day. 19th century New Orleans and vampires sounds like a perfect combination. There haven’t been many vampire books lately, so I’m curious!

The Grace Year – Kim Liggett (October 8th)

There has been a lot of hype around this book! A few friends have recently read it and both loved this one. I have an e-arc from Netgalley and really need to get going on this one. I hear once you start you don’t want to put it down, so I’m definitely intrigued.

Our Year in Love and Parties – Karen Hattrup (October 8th)

The cover was actually the first thing that caught my eye, but I really haven’t heard anybody talking about this one yet. I’m not sure how I feel about this being so focused on partying, but I want to see how the author wrote this story.

I Know You Remember – Jennifer Donaldson (October 8th)

I’ve said it a few times this past year, mysteries and thrillers are books that I’m really starting to enjoy. We’re entering the darker months and that seems like the perfect time to read more books like these. I Know You Remember sounds like a book with a lot of twists and turns and I love that.

The Burning Shadow – Jennifer L. Armentrout (October 8th)

The Darkest Star was a great start to this LUX spinoff. My expectations were very high and they were pretty much met. At the ending of The Darkest Star there were many twists and turns and I need to know how it continues.

The Library of Lost Things – Laura Taylor Narney (October 8th)

A main character that loves books always scores points in my book! I have only read one other books where a parent is a hoarder. This isn’t something you hear about often, so I think it’s interesting to read about.

Into the Crooked Place – Alexandra Christo (October 8th)

This book only recently came on my radar when Fairyloot came out with a special edition. Reading the blurb gives me a lot of Six of Crows feels and I hope it’s just as good!!

In the Hall With the Knife – Diana Peterfreund (October 8th)

A trilogy based on the Clue boardgame! I love it already haha. It will probably not be some kind of masterpiece but I’m expecting it to be a lot of fun and that’s all you need sometimes.

Tarnished are the Stars – Rosiee Thor (October 15th)

I put this one on the list as soon as I read The Lunar Chronicles meets Rook. I haven’t read Rook yet, but definitely sounds interesting. On top of that, this cover is amazing! An illegal clockwork heart is not something you read about everyday.

The Never Tilting World – Rin Chupeco (October 15th)

I have heard of this author, but have yet to pick up a book by Rin Chupeco. Frozen meets Mad Max is not something you read everyday! The cover is stunning and makes me want to pick this one up!

Mooncakes – Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu (October 15th)

I already read and reviewed an arc of this wonderful graphic novel. This is a super cute story and absolutely perfect for Halloween. It also has quite some rep, which I think was really well done.

Fireborne – Rosaria Munda (October 15th)

I actually have an earc for this one and seeing this again makes me want to pick it up asap! This is a dragon riders fantasy so that alone is cool. But it’s also a story of your chosen family versus your blood-family.

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky – Kwame Mbalia (October 15th)

This is the newest Rick Riordan presents MG fantasy based on mythology. Tristan Strong is based on African mythology I believe, and I think that’s so cool. I haven’t read anything like that so I’m very interested.

Shades of Magic vol. 2: Night of Knives – V.E. Schwab (October 16th)

I love V.E. Schwab and everything she does! While the first volume of this graphic novel prequel series wasn’t my favorite, I’m for sure interested in this second volume. I enjoy this world so much and can’t wait to explore it further.

Sisters of the Vast Black – Lina Rather (October 29th)

This is a Tor.com novella and I really seem to enjoy their scifi novellas so I’m already excited for that fact alone. We follow nuns on board of their living spaceship and do you even need to know more? I’m in!

Gravemaidens – Kelly Coon (October 29th)

This YA fantasy sounds great! Three girls are chosen to follow the sick ruler of the kingdom into the grave and afterlife so one of the girls’ sister will try her best to save the ruler and thus her sister. I love this premise and hope the book can live up to it!

Black Canary: Ignite – Meg Cabot (October 29th)

This is another DC comic intended for a younger audience. I would love to delve deeper into all these super hero comics and think this is a great way to do it! Meg Cabot is pretty well known author and I’m excited to see how she fares with as a comic writer.

Beyond the Black Door – A.M. Strickland (October 29th)

This is a very cool sounding dark fantasy, and I’m here for all the dark fantasies! It also features an asexual main character and I would love to read more of that rep.

These are the books we’re looking forward to in October! What about you? Are there any releases we missed that are your anticipated releases? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Wishlist Wenesday| Anticipated Releases October

  1. There are SO MANY books I want to get my hands on. If only I could justify it with the baby.. Unfortunately, nope, haha.

    I am hoping to get my hands on 10 Blind Dates though. And, luckily, I got my preorders for Ninth House and The Beautiful in ages ago. For all other books.. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the reviews convince me to beg the BF for books.. 😛

    [Also have Call Down the Hawk and Girls of Storm and Shadow on preorder!]
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  2. Can I have every book on your list? LOL! You have added so much to my TBR. Garth Nix’s title I have been waiting for, but Scars like Wings has my attention too — a burn survivor’s story sounds promising and heartbreaking.

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