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A little while ago I got back into the Sims 4, in part due to the 100 Baby Challenge. This sounded like such a fun challenge, so I started it for myself right away. I also wrote a post about it, if anyone is interested. Apparently there are a ton of Sims youtubers and thanks to them I came across a lot more interesting challenges! So let’s take a look at the Sims 4 Challenges I plan on doing.

Rags to Riches

I’m actually already doing this one! After seeing two sims-tubers doing this challenges I wanted to do it myself as well. And I’m really liking it! You start of with one sim, place them on a lot and take away all of their money. They have to survive by foraging, sleeping on park benches and trying to sell stuff they find. The more you sell, the more you can build on your lot. My sim currently has a little house with all of the important things, she even has a computer! She still makes a bunch of stuff to sell and I can’t wait to see how far we can take this.

Black Widow

This sounds like a lot of fun! The premise is quite easy. You start of with a young adult female sim. Get her to marry someone, kill him off and repeat this until you have killed of 10 spouses haha. Of course you do this to get all of their money because you’re not allowed to work for money yourself. I love making different kind of sims and I’m excited to make a dark and twisted one for this challenge!

Tiny Living Challenge

I haven’t seen anyone do this one yet but I think it sounds super fun. The idea is to start with a 5×5 house and no job. You get money by selling handmade things, something I really enjoy! Next you have to get a kid and have them live in your 5×5 house as well. When they age up to a young adult they get their own 5×5 house on your lot. Keep going until you have four generations and thus 4 5×5 houses on your lot!

History Challenge

This challenge starts you off with two married sims in a completely empty world. No electricity, no jobs. You slowly make your way through the centuries, they all come with their own rules. As a fan of historical fiction, and historical tv shows, this sounds right up my alley. I think it will be super interesting and fun and I can’t wait to get started on it!

I have quite some things to do when playing the Sims and I think it will take me awhile to do all of these challenges. However, I’m super exited and can’t wait for it! Do you play the Sims? And do you play any challenges? Let me know in the comments!

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