Bookhaul | July 2019

It’s the beginning of August, which means it’s time to show you our July bookhaul! What books did we add to our collections this month? Were we good or is our wallet upset with us? Let’s take a look!


July was a good book month for me! I added 8 books to my collection this month! I bought 6 of them and received 2 of them. I’m also already proud of myself, but because out of the 8 I collected this month, I’ve already read 6 of them! So I’m off to a good start. Let’s take a look at what I got.

White Hot Kiss, Stone Could Touch & Every Last Breath – Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is The Dark Elements series and I actually read all of them about five years ago. There was only one thing wrong with them, I didn’t like the covers at all. I am finally happy with a cover change for once, so when I saw these I knew I needed them.

Last month, I bought the first book in the spin-off Storm & Fury. Before I start that, I want to do a reread. I recently did that for White Hot Kiss. Hopefully the other two will follow in the next couple of months!

Wilder Girls – Rory Power

I’m not a horror fan at all, but WIlder Girls made very curious. In all honesty, this was definitely a cover buy at first. Wilder Girls is pretty creepy, but definitely kept me hooked. I couldn’t put it down. After this little introduction into horror, I may need to check out some more.

The Binding – Bridget Collins

I found out about this book, because a friend read it and loved it. The concept sounds really interesting. Just the idea that your memories can be taken from you and put in a book. Creepy, but very interesting. I plan on picking this up later this year.

I also got quite a surprise when I took off the dust jacket, the naked hardcover is gorgeous!!

Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Anna James

Middle grade is something I’ve been enjoying more and more. Tillly and the Bookwanderers has been on my list for quite awhile. I visited a bookstore here last month and saw this cover and needed to buy it. Look how cute it is! The sequel has been announced, but I don’t remember when it will be released.

Crowns of Conspiracy – Kara S. Weaver

A good friend of mine started her writing adventure last year and the final version is finally here! I got to read an unedited copy earlier this year and loved it!! I’ve already been bugging her for the sequel, haha. I’m very proud of her and plan on reading this again soon to review on the blog.

The Parallax – Morgan G. Farris

The Chalam Faerytales has easily become one of my favorite series at the moment! I don’t know what it is about these books, but I can’t put them down and want more when I’m done. Luckily, we get the next book later this year.

After the release, the author announced that signed copies were available to order, but only in the States. I asked when or if she was going to open that internationally and she messaged me saying she would send me a copy. This author is so sweet and I loved adding this signed copy to my collection!


I did pretty okay with new books this month, I only got 5 new ones. But, unfortunately I haven’t read any of them yet!! I do plan on picking up at least 2 but possibly 4 of these this month but we’ll wait and see if that actually happens.

Middlewest book one – Skottie Young

I loved the I Hate Fairyland series by Skottie Young, it’s one of the first comics I ever read so I’m very excited for this one. The art works looks wonderful and I’m really excited for it. I like having a couple of comics on my TBR for when I’m in the mood for one.

Crown of Conspiracy – Kara S. Weaver

This gorgeous book is written by a friend of ours and I’m so proud of her! I really planned on reading this before seeing her this weekend but it just didn’t happen. She did say she would sign my copy so I’m so happy about that. Can’t wait to read it!

Gotham Academy vol. 1 – Becky Cloonan

Another fun comic for my collection. I don’t know the DC verse that well but this one sounds right up my alley. Like I said,  I like having some comics on my TBR but I do usually read them pretty fast after getting them.

Record of a Spaceborn Few – Becky Chambers

I ordered this one because it was supposed to have blue sprayed edges, unfortunately that wasn’t the case but I’m still happy now own the complete trilogy. The first book was an amazing read, the only thing I’m hesitant about is the fact that all three books follow different characters.

Godsgrave – Jay Kristoff

After reading Nevernight, there was no way I wouldn’t immediately get Godsgrave. And I will start it very very very soon! I might even have started it already haha. This is a very anticipated read for me and I hope to love it a lot!

These are the books we’ve added to our collections this month! Have you read any? What did you think? If you’ve added a book to your collection this month we need to know about, let us know in the comments!

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