Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | May 2018

April is over, we shared our bookhauls and our wrap ups. So today it’s time to take a look at our bookhaul from May 2018! Looking Back at Our Bookhaul has really been surprising us. There are certain months we do really well and other months that really make us want to pick up all the books at month. So how many books from our haul did we read?


At first I looked at this post thinking, that’s not bad, I only added four books to my collection. That was until I was reading back and noticed I had a seperate post for my haul from London. Oops! So now I’m afraid to continue this bookhaul flashback, haha.

34110791_10216031669928329_7833626538057662464_nA Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J Maas

This one I started reading right after I bought it, haha. I loved the little lighthearted novella we got after all the intense events this group faced in the trilogy before it.

34156938_10216031669408316_7798358293847474176_nThe School for Good and Evil – Soman Chainani

I have now participated in two middle grade Mays and haven’t managed to get to this one yet. The School of Good and Evil is a book I hear so many good things about, so I need to get to it before the end of this year.

34089638_10216031669728324_4243342970218086400_nThe Magic Misfits – Neil Patrick Harris

I read this one in one sitting last year. The Magic Misfits is so cute and very diverse. I love that this book shows that family isn’t always blood. Add some cute magic trick lessons in this book and you’re good. I got the second one for Christmas that I still need to read.

34119095_10216031668768300_633014231662329856_nFlunked – Jen Calonita

Just like The School for Good and Evil, after two middle grade Mays, I have failed to read it. I don’t know why either. The book looks really cute and I will probably be able to read it in one sitting.

Okay, those are the four I got that weren’t purchased in London. Now it’s time to look at my London haul and see if I’ve read any of them.

31949440_10215839779931199_2188303180389941248_nThe Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

Isabelle will be very upset, but I still haven’t read this one, haha. For me this feels like a Fall book, so hopefully I’ll actually get to it then!
Yes I am 😉 Shame Shame Shame!

The Belles – Dhonielle Clayton

I’m actually going to count this one as read, haha. I have a little less than 100 pages to go, but got distracted once again by other books. My goal in June is to finish this one. The Belles is different than I expected, but am enjoying the story.


Betty & Veronica, Archie and Jughead

I think I’m the most embarassed that I haven’t read these three yet. It won’t even take me an afternoon to read these! My mother has even read them before me, haha.
And once again I’m upset 😉


The Wishing Spell & The Enchantress Returns – Chris Colfer

After accidentally buying the third one in this series first, I picked up the first two at Waterstones. More middle grade books I need to read! Oops.

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

This is one I really want to read, but am afraid to at the same time. The Hate U Give is really hyped, but sounds amazing at the same time. I need to read it before watching the movie though.

More Than We Can Tell – Brigid Kemmerer

Another one I need to read. I read A Curse so Dark and Lonely recently and loved it. Now it’s time for me to give her contemporary books a try!

Final Score:
Read: 3/11 – 27%
TBR: 8/11 – 73%



I had a pretty decent haul last year with 8 new books. But did I also read them? I always get a bit nervous looking at these posts because I don’t think there has been a month were I’ve read every single book haha. So let’s take a look how I did with this one!

Beyond a Darkened Shore – Jessica Leake

This was a Fairyloot book and I don’t seem to actually read those books. It’s a very annoying habit and one of the reasons I decided to cancel my subscription. If I’m being honest, I’m not that excited for this one so it might be awhile before I pick it up (if ever).

Onyx & Ivory – Mindee Arnett

Another Fairyloot book, and another one I’m not super into. I might do a try a chapter tag with my Fairyloot books soon and get rid of the ones I don’t want to read because I have way to many unread books and I don’t see myself reading all of them.

Pop Goes the Weasel & Running Blind – M.J. Arlidge

I got the Dutch edition of Pop Goes the Weasel so I would have a matching set and got a free novella with it as well. The first book was a great detective story for me and I did read the novella (and loved it). But I have yet to continue this series, hopefully this summer!

Anya’s Ghost – Vera Brosgol

Yay, one I read! I loved Anya’s Ghost although I still don’t think it should be classified as a MG graphic novel haha. Definitely a recommend read for anyone enjoying MB/YA stories.

Giant Days vol. 1 – John Allison & Lissa Treiman & Whitney Cogar

I enjoyed Giant Days, especially the setting. It wasn’t my favorite comic ever and that’s the reason I have yet to pick up the rest of the series. I do really want to do that though!

Deadly Class vol 1 – Rick Remender & Wes Craig

I had been wanting to read this for awhile and finally did so because the tv show was announced. This is such a brutal comic and I love it! The tv show is also amazing and I would highly recommend both!

Locke & Key vol 1 – Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

This is one of the most amazing and atmospheric graphic novels I have ever read! I need to continue this series soon because it’s simply amazing and it’s finished so I could potentially read all of it haha.

Final Score
Read: 5/8 – 62%
TBR: 3/8 – 38%

So that’s another flashback to our bookhauls! Have you read any of the books we need to read? What ones do we need to start with?





4 thoughts on “Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | May 2018

  1. I always love reading this article!! Wish I hadn’t deleted my older blog so I could do it as well haha. But I have to wait till October before I can look back to my monthly hauls, lol.

    @Candyce, do you also have the other YA contemporary by Brigid? I have More than we can tell as well, but I’ve been told that it’s better to read the other one first, since they’re companion novels.

    @Isa, you’ve done really well though seeing your statistics!

    1. Yay, that’s so good to hear! And yes it’s really fun to look back, although we’re always a little scared to see how we did 😉
      I think we both one the other YA contemporary by Brigid, but have yet to read it!
      And yes, this wasn’t too bad at all!

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