Cover Reval| Crown of Conspiracy – Kara S. Weaver

A good friend of mine wrote her first book and plans on publishing it at the end of June (the exact day will be announced soon). I had the joy of reading this while it was still in its editing stages and it’s so good!! Crown of Conspiracy is the first book in her series The Ilvannian Chronicles. Today I am here to share the blurb and beautiful cover!

When past and future come together,

And love and hatred silently gather,

When darkness your only companion at night,

Only then shall be your return to the light. 


Thrilling high fantasy adventure, laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception.

With time her deadliest enemy, can she unravel the conspiracy threatening her future?

With courtesy of a God’s prophecy bestowed upon her at birth, Shalitha has grown up sheltered at the palace of Ilvanna. Virtually a prisoner in her own home, freedom is all she really wants. But how far will she go to gain it?

It’s when fate suddenly turns, and she stands to inherit the throne that she becomes the primary target of a deep-rooted conspiracy. Forced to save the ones she loves and those she’s bound to rule secrecy is her only weapon.

With time working against her she struggles to prevent the deadly war threatening her beloved realm, but does she have what it takes to outsmart her opponents and survive?


This sounds amazing don’t you think? I really recommend keeping an eye on this book! My review will be posted near the release day!

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