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Today is the release day of the I Ain’t Your Mama! Collaboration. A group of authors joined forces to bring us standalone stories that feature strong female characters. Women are incredible beings and they wanted to showcase this. I am here to share the blurbs of these stories and I had the chance to read and review three of them. My reviews are also included in this post. A big thanks to the authors that provided an ARC to read and review!

These women always end up on top!
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Dear Reader!
I ain’t your mama is a collaboration comprised of 10 authors who have come together to bring you brand, spanking new stories where strong, leading ladies show exactly how great they can do it! Women are incredible beings, filled with beauty and grace, and these heroines will have you cheering them on as they go after their own slice of happy!

Each book is a standalone and can be enjoyed while sipping an ice-cold drink, spiked or not that’s up to you! So, one-click, pull up a comfy chair, and dive into these fun reads where women end up on top!


She is… by Chelsea Camaron

Tougher Embrace by E.M. Shue

Blue Rogue by Kiera Jayne

A Girl Worth Fighting For by KL Donn

Manhattan by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Mamacita Needs a Margarita by Mayra Statham

More Than Enough by ML Rodriguez

Belladonna’s Heart by Teresa Crumpton

Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool by Winter Travers

As I wrote at the beginning of the post, I read and reviewed three of these stories. Here are my short reviews (the stories aren’t very long, so I don’t want to give too much away)!

The soul of every restaurant is the kitchen, but at Belladonna, the heart is the front of the house.

Nessa and Adam have long reigned as the most-envied and most-aspired-to couple at Belladonna. And as warm and welcoming as they’ve made the restaurant experience for its customers, the queen and king of the front of the house want nothing more than to add a little patron of their own to nurture, as well.

When the long-deferred dream of having a child becomes the number one priority for the host and hostess with the mostest, Adam and Nessa must face the fact that putting their careers before family for so long might mean it’s too late for the one dream they still haven’t achieved.



In all honesty, this did not feel like a standlone to me. I am new to this author and her books and Belladonna’s Heart definitely made me feel like I was missing a lot of this story. Nessa and Adam were great characters and  I can’t imagine what they’re going through. Nessa is a very strong woman! I think this story would’ve been more amazing if it was longer. Also that ending left us in a major cliffhanger (at least that’s how it felt to me). I definitely felt the emotion, but there were a lot of elements missing for me to enjoy this more.

Cheers to the best group of friends a woman could ask for.
Cheers to small apartments and even smaller…paychecks.
Cheers to a broken heart and healing it one Manhattan at a time.
Cheers to Happy Hour!

Annabelle Daugherty thought her life was perfect until she finds herself a widow at the young age of thirty-two.
Being a professor of equestrian studies and a stepmother keeps her busy and distracted for the most part. Everything in her life seems to getting back to normal. All except one, her love life. Dating is the farthest thing on her mind. But when a tall, dark and handsome, silver-tongued bartender starts working at The Happy Hour Club’s regular watering hole, a curveball that Annabelle never thought would happen takes her by surprise.
Can true love really strike twice?


I really enjoyed this story and really wish it was longer. In the end it definitely gave us closure and I loved how it was told, but these characters were so much fun that I would’ve loved to have read more. Annabelle found her happily ever after, but lost it way too soon. She’s an amazing woman who is really strong. She still has a great bond with her stepdaughter and loves teaching. Waylon is a surprise she wasn’t expecting, but he’s the perfect book boyfriend. He’s sweet, loyal and doesn’t give up. Waylon knows he can’t go fast, but doesn’t give up. I would’ve loved a stroy from his POV, but this story definitely left a smile on my face.

It’s time I stop letting fear control me.

For over a decade, I dedicated my life to raising our children and being the perfect housewife. But it wasn’t enough. My husband, the man who claimed to love me and promised me forever, needed more. He needed others.

Instead of leaving, I turned a blind eye. I smiled. I remained faithful. I stayed for my children, and for the promise I made—for better or worse.

But there comes a time when something happens, when bruises are discovered, and you realize staying is more dangerous than leaving. That’s when nothing—not the fear of the unknown or being nothing without him—can hold you back.

That’s when you fight. You say . . . enough is enough. Because no one has more strength, more devotion, and more courage than a mother defending her young.

A mother who is more than enough.

This isn’t my first book by M.L. Rodriguez, but my first one in this series. More Than Enough can really be read as a standalone, so I don’t felt like I was missing big chunks of the story. This novella definitely makes me want to go pick up the other books! Novellas can be tricky, because being shorter than normal novels stories can feel rushed or incomplete. That’s not the case with More Than Enough at all! Everything felt right and even the jumps a bit in time were smooth.

More Than Enough is an emotional story though. Naomi has been in a marriage that has made her unhappy and even scared at times for her kids and the name of her family. Until one day it’s just too much and she refuses to let a man hurt her and her kids. I can’t get so upset when stuff like that happens, especially the way her mother treated her.

Naomi is a strong woman once she finds her own voice. She is a rock for her kids and finds out what she wants. It’s clear she’s starting to be herself again and happy. Naomi doesn’t need a man to complete her life, but when an amazing one comes along, well, she can’t pass that up.

Gabe didn’t have a great marriage and while he’s still sorting that out he meets Naomi (who just happens to be living in his house). Her feisty attitude pulled him in and he couldn’t let go. I think Gabe has made a permanent spot on my book boyfriend list. Gabe is kind, gentle and also finding out what it’s like to care so much for someone. I love how involved he gets with her kids.

More Than Enough is an amazing story. It’s filled with a woman who has found her strength, but doesn’t mind leaning on the man she loves once she’s with him. She could take on the world if it was to protect herself or her family. On top of a lot of emotion, this story is filled with family and love. Add some humor and steamy moments and this story turned out great. Even though I wouldn’t mind more, the epilogue gave this story the perfect happily ever after!

The three stories I got to read and review were really interesting! I definitely hope to pick up the other stories soon, because I love when authors show just how strong a woman really is! If you enjoy short stories that make you feel a lot, definitely pick these up!



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