Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | April 2018

April is over, we shared our bookhauls and our wrap ups. So today it’s time to take a look at our bookhaul from April 2018! Looking Back at Our Bookhaul has really been surprising us. There are certain months we do really well and other months that really make us want to pick up all the books at month. So how many books from our haul did we read?


April 2018 wasn’t a bad month seeing how many books I bought. I added a total of six books to my collection. Unfortunately I didn’t read many of them! So let’s take a look at what I bought and was able to read since then.

The Beauty That Remains – Ashley Woodfolk

31483106_10215773013542081_3879421015314399232_nI still love this cover and the story really appeals to me. The Beauty That Remains sounds like a story that will break my heart, but those stories are the ones that are worth it the most! So hopefully I can add this to my TBR this summer.

The Wicked Deep – Shea Ernshaw

I read The Wicked Deep pretty quickly after receiving it and I loved it!! Even 31453784_10215773013702085_8826130808000479232_nthough it takes place in the summer it has the creepy vibes that are perfect for Halloween or a dark and rainy day. I read The Wicked Deep in one sitting. I loved the history in the story and the little twists and turns. I wouldn’t mind more in this world!

Lullaby – L.R.W. Lee

31512113_10215773013182072_8126714462091608064_nThis book was definitely a cover buy for me and I haven’t figured out if the story is just as good. I think I need to look into this series though, because not too long ago I saw a bookstagramer who had this book and one that looked like it was before it? I will figure that out before picking this one up!


Our Dark Stars – Audrey Grey

31514410_10215773014062094_8309511315341180928_nAnother cover buy and also one that was recommended by quite a few bloggers. Unfortunately another one I haven’t picked up yet. This one is another book that keeps staring at me to pick it up, haha. There are so many books I want to read all at once.

Snotgirl Volume 1 – Lee O’Malley

I think comics are going to be a summer project of mine. They’re fast and fun 31466648_10215773012382052_4126915756967329792_nreads and I know I will enjoy them. Snotgirl is about a nerdy character, so what can be better than that? There’s already a second volume, so if I enjoy this one I have more to continue with.

Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

31530784_10215773013902090_1419206702409973760_nLeah on the Offbeat shocks me the most in all honesty. I have loved her books, but just haven’t gotten around to reading this one yet. Simon will always be my favorite, but I liked Leah in that story. These are books you don’t want to put down once you start, so I don’t think it will take me long at all,


Final Score:
Read: 1/6 – 16.7%
TBR: 5/6 – 83.3%


April 2018 was a really decent book buying month for me. I added 10 books/manga/comics to my shelves and I can already tell I did a pretty good job reading them. Lets take a look at those books!

Gangsta 3 – Kohske

I don’t read a lot of manga but there are a couple of series I’m really enjoying and Gangsta is one of those series. This is a sheinen manga, if I gathered that correctly. I read and really liked this installment, it might be my favorite out of the three I’ve read so far. The fourth one is really high up my TBR and I hope to pick it up soon.

Fables vol. 1 – Bill Willingham

Like with manga, I don’t read that much comic series. But since I’ve started reading them, I’ve slowly started to collect quite some series. I picked this one because the premise reminded me of Once Upon a Time and I used to love that show. This was a very enjoyable read and I recently read the second volume. I also own the third volume and I’m happy to know this series is done. It is a pretty big series, but I do have an end point 😉

To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo

I picked this up because of the hype last year and it was so nice to have a standalone fantasy! YA fantasy is probably my most read genre but that means a ton of series. And every now and then it’s nice to read a story that’s just done at the end of the book! I enjoyed this Little Mermaid retelling and am excited for Alexandra’s next book.

Saga vol. 3 – Brian K. Vaughan

Another comic series I really enjoy. I already read this volume and am slowly trying to catch up with this series. Comics are relatively expensive so I don’t buy them as often as I’d like but this series is high up my wishlist. There’s a reason this series is so popular and I can’t wait to read the next couple of volumes!

Ms Marvel vol. 2 – G. Willow Wilson

My first actual super hero series! It’s so hard to jump into the Marvel (and DC) world, since there are so many series with so many volumes. But Ms Marvel is a pretty new series, so I decided to start with this one. I really like this series and can’t wait to read the next one.

My Hero Academia 2 – Kohei Horikoshi

I picked up My Hero Academia because I knew the title, I’ve never seen the anime but do know it exists. The premise sounded fun and after enjoying the first one I knew I wanted to continue. I liked this second installment and will be continuing the series. But I have to say, this isn’t my favorite manga series so it doesn’t have high priority.

The Promised Neverland 2 – Kaiu Shirai

Now this might be my favorite manga series! I adore this very dark series and can’t wait to see where this story takes me. The first book started cute but it got super dark! I liked this second installment and am ashamed to admit book 3 is still waiting on my TBR! But it’s very high up there with Gangsta, so this is another one I expect to read soon.

Spell on Wheels – Kate Leth

I heard a lot of positive things about Spell on Wheels so I was excited to pick this one up. And I did enjoy the art style and the premise. But I do think the story fell a little flat for me, I think this would’ve been better as a series so everything could’ve been expanded a bit more. Hopefully they’ll come back to this world and story one day!

The Exact Opposite of Okay – Laura Steven

One of my absolute favorite reads of last year <3. I love this story and I love Laura Steven! This is a very important story and written in such a great way, I truly recommend this to everyone. I am ashamed though, because I haven’t read the sequel yet! It was a preorder and I read and loved the first couple of pages, but had to put it down in favor of something else. Hopefully I can pick it up soon.

The Novice – Taran Matharu

This is the only book I haven’t read yet this month! I’m pretty proud of myself haha. At the same time, I can’t believe I still haven’t read this one yet. When meeting Taran, I wanted to start this one right away and I have been curious about it ever since. I currently also have an eARC for his new series so I just need to start reading his books.


Final Score:
Read: 9/10 – 90%
TBR: 1/10 – 10%

So that’s another month of seeing how much we actually read after buying the books. Have you read any of these? What did you think?

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