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How is it May 1st already?!? We know we’ve been saying this every month, but this year is going really fast. It’s the beginning of the month, so it’s time to show everyone what books we added to our collections in April. So let’s take a look at our April bookhaul!


For me this will be a short post. I was a good girl and didn’t add any books to my collection in April! I didn’t even realize it until I sat down to write this post. It’s actually a good thing though, because I still have plenty of books to read. There are a couple of May releases I have my eyes on, so I will be adding a couple of book to my shelves in May!


I’ve been a pretty good girl as well! Not as good as Candyce, because I did add two books to my collection. But I did only buy one of those and that was a preorder so I paid a while ago haha.

The Devouring Gray – Christine Lynn Herman

You can’t really see it in this picture but I mainly preordered this one for the gorgeous pink sprayed edges! I love how this edition looks and I’m happy I got it for such good price. This fantasy story is being compared to Riverdale and Stranger Things and that sounds wonderful to me!! I’m so excited to pick this one up and hope to do so soon <3

Nexus – Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

You guys, I can’t express how happy I am to have received this book! I will be participating in the book tour for Nexus next week with the Fantastic Flying Book Club. They had the option to apply for a review copy to also post on Instagram and I decided to just take my chances. I never expected to be picked because of shipping costs and even when I did get picked and had to mail my address I was expecting a reply saying this wasn’t an option for them. But then one day I found this in the mail! I let out a little scream and did a little happy dance haha. This book is already super special to me and I hope I will enjoy it as much as I did the first book. You can expect my review this Sunday!

So that’s it for us this month! We were both really good, haha. What books did you add to your shelves in April? Any books we need to keep an eye on?

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    1. This is the first one we haven’t failed, Haha. We probably will next month.

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