Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated May Releases

Another month is just about over, which means it’s time to start looking into what releases we can expect next month. As usual we looked up what books look interesting to us and made our list of Anticipated May Releases!

Nocturna – Maya Motayna (May 2nd)

I love own-voices and this one sounds really interesting. It states in the description that it’s perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and V.E. Schwab, so sign me up! Magic plays a big part of this book and I’m curious how this story plays out!

Aurora Rising – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (May 7th)

After reading Illuminae and loving it, this one has been on my radar since it was announced. I’m not really fond of the cover, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! These two authors definitely make me want to read more sci-fi!

Middlegame – Seanan McGuire (May 7th)

I really enjoy Seanan McGuire and this new books sounds quite dark. Dark reads are some of my favorites so I’m sure this will be a winner for me! Also, how cool does that cover look?

Dark Shores – Danielle L. Jensen (May 7th)

I haven’t read many books with pirates, but this one sounds really good. Adventures on the high sea, blackmail and meddling gods. Who could ask for anything more?

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me – Mariko Tamaki (May 7th)

This graphic novel has a gorgeous cover and I have high hopes for the art on the inside. I have to say the title is what drew me in, it just sounds really funny. But I don’t think the story is actually that funny, or at least, it’s not supposed to be haha. So we’ll see how is goes!

Castle of Lies – Kiersi Burkhart (May 7th)

So the early reviews for this one are quite harsh and don’t seem to like the story at all! But the synopsis sounds right up my alley and I think the cover looks stunning. So hopefully I can try this one for myself soon.

The Lovely and the Lost – Jennifer Lynn Barnes (May 7th)

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of my absolute favorite authors ever so whenever she has a new release, it’s one of my most anticipated. The synopsis for this one is a little vague, but I do think this will be a pretty thrilling read and I’m super excited for it.

Romanov – Nadine Brandes (May 7th)

Nadine’s books always sound so cool! I haven’t read her previous novel (Fawkes) yet, but I hope to read one of her books soon. This one is inspired by the Romanovs and I don’t know nearly enough about that family. Hopefully this one will help!

The Bride Test – Helen Hoang (May 7th)

I really enjoyed The Kiss Quotient, a lot more than I was expecting actually! So I’m very excited for the sequel The Bride Test. I don’t read that many adult (romance) novels but the Kiss Quotient really lived up to the hype for me, so fingers crossed this one is as good.

Last Things – Jacqueline West (May 7th)

This one has me really curious. A fantasy novel that takes place in the modern day world. I love stories with rock bands or any musicians really. I wonder if this fan is out to hurt him or save him! I will just have to pick it up to find out.

Again, But Better – Christine Riccio (May 7th)

I watch a lot of Christine’s videos and I’m so happy for her she got published. This probably isn’t the book I would normally pick up but doesn’t have to mean anything. And anyway, I love to support bloggers and booktubers so I plan on doing so with Christine as well!

Finale – Stephanie Garber (May 7th)

We both read Caraval and were a bit disappointed. So we haven’t read Legendary yet. But we’ve heard really good things about it and it will be wonderful to read Legendary and than go on and read Finale right away!

Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston (May 14th)

We both had an eARC from Netgalley for this wonderful NA novel. And let me tell you, it is AMAZING! You can expect our review very soon but I can already tell it will be a positive one.

We Hunt the Flame – Hafsah Faizal (May 14th)

This sounds like my kind of fantasy! And remember what I said about supporting bookish content creators? I also adore Hasfah’s Etsy story and have bought a couple of things of of her. There are a lot of positive reviews on Goodreads for this one and I have pretty high hopes!

The Missing Season – Gillian French (May 21st)

A mystery that takes place leading up to Halloween sounds so interesting!  I love that time of year and I think it will be al ot of fun to make it a bit spooky with books like this.

Keep This to Yourself – Tom Ryan (May 21st)

Another book perfect for the Halloween season. After a serial killer killed four people in a small town, people are trying to figure everything out. When a cryptic message appears, trying to figure out who is behind it all becomes a task for our main character.

Bitter Root vol 1: Family Business – David F. Walker (May 21st)

This new comic series is about a family hunting monsters! Something happens and the family is now divided between those how kill the monsters and those who try to cure them. I can’t wait to see this play out!

Missing, Presumed Dead – Emma Berquist (May 21st)

I can’t imagine touching someone and knowing how they will die. There have been a few books I enjoyed where ghosts play a big part and I think this one will be creepy. The cover definitely makes me curious!

These Witches Don’t Burn – Isabel Sterling (May 28th)

I am really looking forward to this one! I love stories that involve witches and the fact that this one takes place in Salem makes me happy. It seems like this is a modern day story that involves witches. I am very excited.

The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg (May 28th)

I have to start off by saying that this cover kind of creeps me out, haha. Living in a fantasy theme park sounds very interesting. With this being a sci-fi book, we know there’s going to be a lot more behind this “happily ever after” theme park.

The Wise and the Wicked – Rebecca Podos (May 28th)

I read a book by Rebecca Podos a few years ago and enjoyed her writing. A story based on folktales is always interesting. I really like this cover as well!

Stepsister – Jennifer Donnolly (May 28th)

A feminist Cinderella retelling from the POV of one of the stepsisters. And her name is Isabelle, you already know I need to read that 😉 But the synopsis sounds very dark, but also feminist and I love it already. Also, look at that gorgeous cover!

Switchback – Danika Stone (May 28th)

Danika Stone is an author I really enjoy. Her book All the Feels is one of my all time favorites. Switchbck is a book I heard about awhile ago and knew I nedded it. I got an e-galley for the blog tour at the end of May, so keep an eye on the blog for my review!


So those are the books we’re loking forward to in May! Did any make your list as well? Or did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated May Releases

  1. I’m in on so many of these!!! I wanted to be in on These Witches Don’t Burn if it was more like the third and least gory season of AHS (Coven) and less fluff (or so it sounds). Coven was my favorite season by far so I was really excited when I heard the basic premise but when I read the whole thing it wasn’t as dark as I hoped (ok that made me sound really odd,huh?) Lol. Then again watching AHS isn’t going to do much for me either. Anyway Aurora Rising, Nocturna, Dark Shores, Missing Presumed Dead and We Hunt the Flame YES YES AND YES! You might want to look up Candle and the Flame and Let Me Hear a Rhyme! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tips! Will definitely check them out 😊
      And you don’t sound weird at all, love when people are major fans about things!

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