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Last week I posted my review of Bad Girls Academy and unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. I had also received the sequel in this series, Bad Girls Rivalry, so I decided to give it a go. I was hoping to see a bit more development in the story and characters. Does Bad Girls Rivalry get better? Keep reading to find out what I thought. Once again, a big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review.

A rivalry she didn’t ask for. A role she doesn’t want to play and a man she can’t trust.

After finding herself in a new and even more dangerous academy Henley Greene is given a mission. Create a fake social media persona and make the world fall in love with her in order to gain access to a new and deadly app. But when a super-hot fellow spy is given the same mission Henley has to figure out where she ends and her new persona begins.

As though that weren’t complicated enough her boyfriend gets caught in the middle of their game. Was his kiss with another girl really just for show or are Henley’s suspicions right and is he hiding something from her?

Is their rivalry real or is it just for show?

Will Henley come out on top or will she fail at both love and her mission?

Get Bad Girls Rivalry now and find out!


Bad Girls Rivalry starts six months after the ending of Bad Girls Academy. While I understand that they’re starting at a new school, I would’ve enjoyed reading about the transition and them entering the new academy. Once again, we don’t get a look at the school. We read about them following classes, but get nothing of the school environment except a few briefings.

This book is a fast read and the author does write in a way that makes you continue, but I still had some issues with this story. Like I already said, why don’t we see any of the classes they follow? I think it would’ve been very interesting to see the build up to the mission more. This book throws us i the middle of everything happening.

I am starting to wonder if this series should be classified as a YA book. There are some subjects that I don’t think belong in a YA book. First of all, a lot of things in this book are once again based on looks. To get popular on Instagram, Henley even goes like while she only has a bra and thong on. Palmer doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem to have sex with a guy to get information and even says that people who don’t accept infidelity in their relationships are wrong. There is nothing in the story that balances this out. I don’t think we should be teaching teenage girls these things.

That being said, there were a few things that improved in this story. We do get to know the characters a bit more. Near the end there are even different POVs. I think if that was done from the start it would’ve helped this story along a lot!

Once again, I still love the concept of this story, but there are just a few things that were lacking for me.

Once again, I have to say that I really dislike writing negative reviews, but I want to be honest about what I think of a book. I will never lie about my thoughts after reading something.

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