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So this might be a weird day for this post but I just couldn’t wait to talk about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2! The second part of the first season aired last Friday but I had a super busy weekend so I couldn’t watch it all in one day haha. But I did watch it all by Sunday evening and I can already tell you I LOVED it! There will be some spoilers for part 1, so be aware if you haven’t watched it yet. Let’s get into it!

Sabrina part 2 starts a little bit after the ending of part 1. We ended part 1 with Sabrina signing her name in the Book of the Beast and now she has to deal with the consequences of that.

Part 2 has 10 episodes and they are PERFECTION! At least in my mind haha. The overall plot is slowly revealed during the episodes so I don’t want to say to much about it and spoil anything. But in part 1 we’ve seen that the Devil and Madam Satan have their plans for Sabrina. And those plans don’t necessarily line up 😉 Well, we see how it works out for both of them during these 10 episodes!

Since Sabrina signed the Book of the Beast she really embraced her witch side and we get to see a lot more of that this time around! We also get to see more of the Academy of Unseen Arts which I enjoyed a lot. The only thing I would’ve liked even more was to see some actual lesson at the academy. What do witch lessons look like in CAOS? Hopefully we’ll get to see some of that in part 3.

Sabrina’s mortal friends know more about what’s going on this time around and I really enjoyed their involvement. To be completely honest, I don’t care about them as much as I care about basically all the other characters haha. But I do like the diversity they bring. This show is all about empowerment and about standing up to the patriarchy. This is a part of the show I really appreciate. Like in the first season we see a common holiday turned into a witch version. And I loved seeing that!

I also have to talk about some of my absolute favorite characters! Sabrina is obviously amazing. Sure she has her flaws, she really doesn’t think her actions through, consequences be damned. But I do think that makes sense for her being a teenager. Sabrina is also super loyal and stands up for what she believes in.

Sabrina and Harvey broke up and I was actually happy about that haha. I am a full on Nicholas Scratch fangirl and I ship Nabrina for sure. Nick got a lot more screen time in these 10 episodes and I was very happy about it. He supports Sabrina in everything she does and I can’t understand anyone who doesn’t love him. I really enjoyed the twists involving him in the last episode and I need part 3 right now!

Mary Hardwell and Zelda were amazing these last 10 episodes. I already enjoyed them in the first part, but they stepped up their game! They don’t take any shit from any man and truly go after what they want. Both woman are such strong characters, and while they’re flawed they also are role models for young girls.

I could go on and on about all the characters but for now I’ll keep it at this. Just a little shout out to Dorian (what an awesome addition), Ambrose (he needs more screentime), Theo (love the new haircut), Roz (love her ‘cunning’), Prudence (so conflicted, but that last scene was perfect), and of course the Devil (hotttttt).

The last episode had me gasping, screaming, laughing, and crying. And some of those tears were actually happy tears haha. There is one song in that episode and I adored is so so much, I shed a couple of tears haha. I have been listening to the song non-stop since I watched the show. Hardly anyone seems to be talking about that scene but it’s one of my favorite things in the show so far. Together with two iconic lines in that last episode, ‘well, not today Satan’ and the very last line in part 2! As soon as you watch it you know what I mean. A lot happen in the finale and I thought it was perfect. Now I’ll just go and rewatch it all until we have a release date for part 3! Have you seen Chilling Adventures of Sabrina yet? Come talk to me in the comments!

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