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Another month is over and of course we read some books! Today it’s time to take a look at how we did. How are our goals going? Did we like what we read? If you want to know all of this, keep reading for our full March Wrap Up!


I am actually afraid to sit down and write this, because it’s going to take me quite awhile. I think I beat my own personal record with how many books I read in March. At the end of the month, I read a total of 31 books!! I’ll be very surprised if I ever reach or beat this number! My Goodreads challenge is going amazing though, because at the moment I’m 36 books ahead of schedule! So I won’t have to worry if a month doesn’t go as planned. Let’s take a look at what I read in March!

The Wicker King – K. Ancrum

I saw this book quite a few times on Bookstagram and it really interested me. The Wicker King is told in a very unique way and the story is very emotional. I love how the author put this story together and I am looking forward to The Weight of the Stars (I have an ARC, but I need to read it this month!).

Of Poseidon – Anna Banks

Why did I wait almost two years to read this book?!? I love mermaids and this was a fast read. There is a lot of humor, great characters and even though this type of story has been done many times, Of Poseidon is still unique in its own way. I can’t wait to read the next book in April!

Song of the Dead – Sarah Glenn Marsh

Song of the Dead is the final book in the Reign of the Fallen duolgy. I was really looking forward to reading more of Odessa’s story, but unfortunately this book disappointed me a bit. Maybe my expectations were too high? This was still a fun read and Nipper is my new favorite bookish creature (sorry Lysander)!

On the Come Up – Angie Thomas

I still need to read The Hate U Give, but On the Come Up was a group read last month for the TBR & Beyond Book Club. This is such an emotional and heartbreaking story! I really recommend reading One the Come Up. I still need to write my review, but it’s hard to put my thoughts about this book into words.

Diary of a Bad Boy – Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn is an amazing writer and I love how she writes romantic comedies. The typical bad boy who is so much more and a very naive main character create a lot of very interesting situations! Diary of a Bad Boy had me laughing out loud and swooning for this bad boy!

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance – Madeline J. Reynolds

I love reading about time travel and this one sounded really intersting. A pocketwatch that could take you anywhere in time you want to go. It was so much fun reading about one of the main characters figuring out how modern day products worked is so much fun! The romance wasn’t always realistic, but I wouldn’t mind another story with these characters.

99% Faking It – Chris Cannon

Best friends to lovers is my favorite trope and this one was just so cute. 99% Faking It has all the elements you expect in a book like this, but I still couldn’t put it down. Add a main character who loves books and Harry Potter and I was a very happy reader! This book left a big smile on my face.

A Braver Version of Me & A Better Version of Me – Cindy Rae Vale

I stumbled upon this author in a Facebook group I’m in and she was looking for people to review her books. She’s rewriting her original trilogy into nine books and I read the first two. I don’t quite understand this decision, because the endings are at very odd places in the story. The characters are interesting and so is their journey. Religion plays a big role in this series.

The Last Wingman – Daisy Prescott

I love the cover of this book. There are more and more covers these days with drawings instead of models and I’m really loving it! The Last Wingman is a cute romance in a small town. I really came to love these characters and wante them to end up together! I only wish this story was told from both POVs.

Make Me Bad – R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is my favorite author when it comes to romantic comedies and Make Me Bad didn’t disappoint. Our main character is a good girl. Her father and brother are both police officers and let’s just say she is very protected. After another boring birthday she wants to be bad. Make Me bad is another fun romance with some steamy moments!

Meet Me in Outer Space – Melinda Grace

This was a very unique story! Meet Me in Outer Space is the first book I have read with a character who has a central auditory processing disorder. It was nice to see her fighting for what she needs in school. At times the main character annoyed me, but all in all a fun read!

Off Center – M.F. Lorson

I loved Courtside Crush, so I was really looking forward to Off Center. These covers are also very stunning! Off Center is another amazing contemporary story and the characters are a lot of fun. I loved that in this story there was more going on, but we didn’t get the whole story until later in the book. And there’s a really cute romance to swoon about!

Fabio vs. the Friend Zone – Kelsie Stelting

Kelsie Stelting is really becoming a favorite author of mine. Fabio vs. the Friend Zone is the second book in this series and it follows two characters we met in Dear Adam. Fabio has always been in love with his best friend Grace. When she leaves for China for a month, he confesses his feelings to her. Will this confession ruin their friendship or will it bloom into something more?

Where I Found You & Now That I Found You – Brooke O’Brien

Now That I Found You was going to be released in March and the author recommended reading Where I Found You first, so I read both! Ellie and Callum are such amazing characters and I loved their love story. If you’re looking for amazing romance with some added suspense, definitely pick these up!

Moonlight & Whiskey – Tricia Lynne

Our main character is a plus-sized woman who loves her curves, even when the world tells her she shouldn’t. She is very smart and good at what she does, but a male dominated working environment doesn’t always make it easy. While on vacation with her best friend, she meets a mysterious man who is definitely interested in her for her! While I loved a lot of elements in this story, for someone reason it just didn’t suck me in!

Warrior of the WIld – Tricia Levenseller

A standalone fantasy book isn’t something that happens often. I was really curious if the author would be able to get all of the worldbuilding and character development done without it feeling rushed and she did! I loved the characters and the whole concept of this story. Even though it ends without a lot of unanswered questions, I would love more!

Space – Penny Reid

Space is the second book in this trilogy, but starts 2,5 years after the ending of the first book. I loved that we had two POVs in this book. Also, the setting in this house in the snow makes me want to travel there with my book. I would’ve liked more time between the two main characters, but this book left me wanting more!

The Hashtag Hunt – Kristina Seek

The concept of The Hashtag Hunt is so cute. A contest of taking pictures for the twelve hashtags you receive. The first place winner gets $10,000. Our main character wants to open her own store, so really needs the money. She just never expected to meet an amazing man along the way. The journey of finding the hashtags, friendships and romances that develp make this story a lot of fun. I really wouldn’t mind more of these characters.

The Hookup Handbook – Kendall Ryan

As you know if you follow our blog, Kendall Ryan is an author that I love. Her newest release The Hookup Handbook was so much fun. An escort who can’t perform and his best friend’s sister get more than they bargain for when she starts working for him. The romance in this book was a lot of fun and once again it was filled with humor and definitely some steamy moments!

Play to Win – Kelly Jamieson

Sports romances are a lot of fun and I really enjoy the hockey ones. Add a fake marriage (that we all know will turn real), amazing characters, lots of family drama, romance and a love story that will leave you smiling and you have Play to Win. It was more than just a romance and I really appreciate when authors do that. I can’t wait for the next book!

The Stand-In Boyfriend – Emma Doherty

I normally really love the stories when people pretend to be a couple to make someone jealous, etc. The Stand-In Boyfriend had some fun parts, but the main character annoyed me a lot while I read this book. I felt that it kind of dragged one because of that. We didn’t have two POV’s either and I think that would’ve made this story a bit more enjoyable!

Hissy Fit – Lani Lynn Vale

Another amazing sports romance! I haven’t read many football romance and while this one had sports elements, it wasn’t the typical sports romance. The main character was my favorite though. I could relate to her, because I am a klutz as well. Her walking into wrapping paper at Target and knocking people on the floor because of it, sounds like something I would do!

Don’t Say a Word – Amber Lynn Natusch

I loved Dare You to Lie, so when I had the chance to read an ARC of Don’t Say a Word, I couldn’t say no! I put aside a few books to pick this one right away and I loved every minute of it. This author is evil, haha. The characters are amazing and I loved seeing the different sides of them during the events in this book. I really didn’t expect it to play out like it did! The only thing I hate is that I have to wait quite awhile for the third book!

Small Town Hearts – Lillie Vale

Small Town Hearts made me want to move to this small town. The way everything was described makes it sound like a place that would feel like home. This book is the journey of figuring out what you want after high school, that friendships change and that love comes in unexpected places.

The Wedding Deal – Cindi Madsen

Another football romance that I really enjoyed. On top of the amazing characters and romance in The Wedding Deal, this author actually gave us more behind the scenes when dealing with a football team. I don’t know much about this sport and I really like that she included this in the story. Romance is a lot of fun, but I love when a book is just a bit more!

Vanishing Summer – Lora Richardson

This author contacted us to see if we wanted to read her book releasing in May. I am so glad I said yes! Vanishing Summer is about the aftermath of a character being kidnapped by his father. Greta feels guilty for encouraging him to go with his father and hasn’t had an easy few years. When he shows up out of nowhere everything changes. Vanishing Summer took really intense subjects and made them feel very realistic. I loved that she didn’t make everything be okay, but we really saw the character struggle.

Can’t Hold Back – Serena Bell

I loved the first book in this series, but I think Can’t Hold Back stole the first spot. Nate has such a special place in my heart. After being injured while dployed, he’s learning to deal with pain. Alia never expects to see him as a patient and everything that happened between them makes it awkward. I couldn’t put this book down and I loved the romance. You just really want these characters to make it!

It Takes Two – Christina Butrum

It Takes Two also takes place in a small town and is a book that really makes you smile! Clayton’s family is so much fun and the rest of the townspeople we meet along the way. It takes a bit before anything happens between our two main chracters and I loved that there was time for that to develop. This is a book that leaves a smile on your face when you’re done.

Wicked Saints – Emily A. Duncan

Isabelle and I were both lucky to get an ARC of this book (it releases today) and it’s so good! Wicked Saints is a dark YA fantasy that’s so interesting! This book is unique and has amazing worldbuilding and character development. The plot twists definitely leave you wanting more and I can’t wait for the next book!



I had a pretty decent reading month but it was nowhere near the amount of Candyce’s month haha. It was also my ‘worst’ reading month as I ‘only’ read 12 books. I’m actually quite happy with that amount and I’m 20 books ahead of my reading challenge. This is going to be an amazing reading year <3

The Defiant – Lesley Livingston

We did a buddy read in February and I finally finished it at the start of March haha. This was a great sequel and I really enjoyed reading it! It had been quite awhile since I read The Valiant but I got back in the story pretty fast. Now we just have to read the last book in the series.

The White Rose – Amy Ewing

I got this one for my birthday last and I finally picked it up. The ‘Looking Back At Our Bookhaul’ posts might have something to do with that haha. This was a pretty fast read as it was a small book. It’s the second book in the series and it starts right after the events of the first book. I hope to pick up the last one in the series soon!

The Archies and Other Stories – Matthew Rosenberg

This was one of my birthday presents from Candyce and I started reading it as soon as I got home haha. I loved being back in the Archieverse with these different stories. There are three different comics in this bindup and I discovered some new series I want to continue.


The Penultimate Peril & The End – Lemony Snicket

These are the last two books in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series and I’m so happy I finally finished it! To be honest, this series got a bit repetitive and I’m not the biggest fan of the ending but it was a fun ride. And now I can finally watch the end of the tv show!

Wicked Saints – Emily A. Duncan

Like Candyce said, we both got an eARC of Wicked Saints and I hope you already read our review. I absolutely adored this book and would urge you all to get it. It’s a dark fantasy and the start of seems to be an amazing new series.

Dear Adam – Kelsie Stelting

This was such a cute contemporary read! I read through this so fast. I really liked the concept and the characters. The romance was very cute and this story was exactly what I needed after the dark fantasy read I finished just before.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink – Scarlett Curtis

I picked this audiobook as my first non-fiction book of the year. Recently I have been reading quite a couple of feminists books and I really liked this one. There are a bunch of short stories, some were better than others but overall I liked it a lot. I think my favorite essay was the ‘kidnapped’ one!

The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo

Another quick audiobook! This book is written in verse and it was the first book like it I read. The audiobook is narrated by the author which was very enjoyable. To be honest, the story wasn’t really for me and up until about two thirds of the way in I wasn’t even sure what the plot was supposed to be. But in the end I did enjoy it and really liked the format!

Frost Like Night – Sara Raasch

This was another buddy read Candyce and I did! We finally finished this series, and we didn’t even forgot all the details from book 2 haha. And when I say we, I mean I finished it and Candyce is still reading it 😉 Hopefully we can share our review soon. For me it was very enjoyable but I’m not a 100% sure what to think of the ending.

Shades of Magic Vol. 1: The Steel Prince – V.E. Schwab

This was a very highly anticipated release for me and I’m so grateful to get it for my birthday. I loved being back in the world of the Shades of Magic and now I’m even more exited for the spin-off series. Looking forward to the next volume in this graphic novel series. I read this one for the graphic novel weekend readathon for the TBR and Beyond facebook group.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vol. 1: The Crucible – Roberto Aguirre – Sacasa

And the last book I read was another graphic novel weekend readathon read. I had a super busy weekend so only finished 2,5 graphic novels but I really liked this one. The Netflix adaptation is one of my favorite shows at the moment and I can’t wait for the new episodes this week. We don’t follow the exact same story in the show as in the comic but I did see some similarities!

So that’s all for our March wrap up! If you’ve read any of these books, let us know what you think! We would love to know! What were your favorite March reads?

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  1. I kind love Kelly Jamieson’s hockey romances, so I definitely want to read that one! I love fake marriages too!

  2. I am so happy someone else has read The Wicker King. I will scream into the void about that book it is so good. Song of the Dead was such a let down lol.

    1. Yes! The Wicker King is such an amazing book! It deserves so much attention than it’s getting. I really need to read The Weight of the Stars. And yes, I was sad that I didn’t enjoy it. It’s always disappointing when a book lets you down.

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