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Last month I read and reviewed Until I Found You and fell in love with those characters. Now That I Found You was released this week (yesterday in fact) and I got to read and review this one as well! This is technically a novella you can read without reading all of the books, but I really do recommend reading the first book Where I Found You! My review for that was posted on the blog yesterday!

Title: Now That I Found You
Series: Heart’s Compass Series
Author: Brooke O’Brien
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 15, 2019


All I’ve ever wanted was a family…
For so long, I had been walking through my life alone. Loss and heartbreak taught me not to wish for something because the moment you do, it can all be ripped away from you.
The day I met Callum, everything began to change. Falling in love with him and becoming his wife, I finally started to picture a future I never thought I would have.
Life has a way of testing me. My life is about to change in ways I never expected. 
… now one man threatens to take it all away from me again.

I finished reading Where I Found You recently and was really happy that I had a chance to read more about these two not too long after that. Ellie and Callum are two characters who really find a place in your heart after the first book. Getting to enjoy them a little longer isn’t something I’ll ever complain about.

Novellas can be a hit or miss though. They’re pretty short, so I’ve had many times where I felt like there was a lot of story missing or that it was rushed. That wasn’t the case with Now That I Found You! This story picks up some months after the ending of Where I Found You.

Ellie and Callum have been through a lot in their relationship, but it seems like things are finally looking up for them. I love the two of them together and things can definitely get pretty steamy! Ellie had a heartbreaking childhood, so it’s nice to see her get some happiness.

It’s clear the events from Where I Found You still have an impact, but Ellie is learning to deal. When a day at work turns Ellie’s world upside down, we’re not sure if she will get her happily ever after. I have to say that Brooke is really good at making you feel all the tension and suspense surrounding these events. I couldn’t put this novella down.

I don’t want to give too much away, because this novella isn’t really long. If you’re a fan of characters who just fit together, romance, humor, steamy moments, great friends and some suspense, Now That I Found You is definitely the book for you! This author really knows how to pull on your heart strings!

“This story is a fantastic addition to the series. It had me feeling all the feels, as usual when reading a Brooke O’Brien story. I couldn’t be happier with how this novella turned out. A MUST READ to anyone who’s read Where I Found You and fell in love with Callum and Ellie.” – Melissa, Melissafandomworld Book Blog


“Once again I am left impressed with Ms. O’Brien’s expertly crafted words and perfectly drawn characters. I highly recommend you get your hands on this can’t miss series!” – Misty, Reds Romance Reviews


“The best novella and addition to Callum and Ellie’s love story.” – Patricia, Words We Love By Blog


“I love when an author revisits characters who have achieved their happily ever after. It’s a great read and the perfect addition to the series. Love this author and what she brings to the table.” – Teri, Goodreads Reviewer



Brooke O’Brien is the Author of the Heart’s Compass series and the recently published Tattered Heart duet.
Growing up Brooke always had a love of writing; she started out writing poetry when she was young and began journaling her thoughts as she grew older. Diving headfirst into a good book has always been therapeutic for her. Now her two passions have collided.
Brooke believes you can cure any bad day with chocolate or by going on a long drive with the windows down and the music turned up! She’s found that’s when her characters talk to her the most! If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll probably find her spending time with her family and friends, watching Hawkeye football or NBA basketball, going to the movies, or collecting signed paperbacks.
She LOVES to interact with readers! Keep in touch with Brooke by following her on Social Media and join her exclusive Reader Group:
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After reading these two books from Brooke O’Brien, I know for sure I will be wanting to read the books she publishes in the future! I love the way she writes. Have you read anything by this author? Which books have you enjoyed?


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