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The Rock Point series keeps getting better with every book. The third book in the series, HWY 550, released last month and I loved it! Great romance, some suspense and amazing characters! The author provided me an ARC of this book to read and review!

Special Agent Luna Roosberg lives and breathes her job. Who needs a personal life when work is so rewarding?
When a new case sends her to investigate a local motorcycle club, covering as the president’s new flavor of the week, the lines between professional and personal quickly start to blur.

Although the Arrow’s Edge MC stays mostly on the right side of the law since Ouray took the gavel, the appearance of the feds at their gate can still rattle his cage.
When a string of robberies points squarely in Ouray’s direction, he’s forced to cooperate and put the blonde, prim and proper half-pint on the back of his bike.

With pressure mounting both in—and outside—the club, Ouray no longer knows who he can trust, except the woman who is shaking up his life—and stirring his blood.


This author really surprises me every time. Her stories in this series just keep getting better and better and I loved the first two books. HWY 500 was a special one to me, because Luna played a part in Burning Autumn. After reading about her there, I was really hoping to read her story.

HWY 500 was also new to me, because I haven’t read many books with an MC playing a big part. I really enjoyed Arrow’s Edge, because in many ways they were bad boys, but they were clean! I thought that was so well written. Ouray was definitely unique in his way of running his club.

Luna is very confident of what she can do as an agent. She’s smart, can defend herself and will take on the biggest man! What I loved the most about her character is that there was a lot more that went on in her past. That made her move every so often and not really be able to settle down. This book really changed her. I loved that her interacting with Ouray really opened her up and kind of made her face her demons. Luna became even stronger.

Ouray seems like a macho man who thinks he’s all that, but he is more caring than he seems. Of course, he needs to seem confident and take control, or he won’t be leading Arrow’s Edge for very long. He’s harsh when he needs to be, but has a heart of gold. Besides being an amazing man, this MC takes in boys who need a home. Add Cody, a deaf boy who has clearly been abused in his short life and your heart will melt. How he took him in and really took his time to see what he needed. My heart melted!

HWY 550 also has some great suspense. A series of robberies starts getting out of control and I loved how Freya Barker wrote this. I really had no clue who was behind it and how it played out was really nice! The perfect balance of mystery and romance.

Ouray and Luna’s relationship is one of my favorites. Pretending to be together quickly adds some real feelings that definitely complicated things. Even that made it a bit slow burn and I was just waiting for them to be happy. Both characters deserved the happiness.

If you’re looking for a book with great humor, romance, suspense and characters, definitely give this series a go! And if you’ve read previous books, you’ll see some other characters you’ve grown to love!

Freya Barker is really becoming a favorite author and I can’t wait to see what she writes next!

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