Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated March Releases

January and February were crazy when it came to all the new books that were being published. With March right around the corner, it’s time to see what books will be added to our never ending wishlists. Let’s take a look at our anticipated March releases!

A Girl Called Shameless – Laura Steven (March 7th)
This is one of our most anticipated releases of this year. If you’ve been following us, we’ve mentioned the first book, The Exact Opposite of Okay, quite a few times! Haha. Hoping that this one is just as good!

Sherwood – Meagan Spooner (March 19th)
I still haven’t read Hunted yet, but that doesn’t really matter, because these are standalones! There are a lot of Robin Hood stories, but it’s nice to see a female one. I can’t wait to see how the author does this.

Opposite of Always – Justin A. Reynolds (March 5th)
I can’t imagine how hard it is to lose your best friend and get the chance to have them again. It will be interesting to see what the consequences are and how this story plays out!

A Question of Holmes – Brittany Cavallaro (March 5th)
I’ve only read the first one in this series, but have the first three on my shelves. I need to add this one to complete my collection. As a big fan of mysteries, these are a lot of fun! I can’t wait to read how their adventures continue!

Bloodleaf – Crystal Smith (March 12th)
A retelling of The Goose Girl. I’m not familiar with this fairy tale, but I know quite a few people who thought it was quite interesting! Retellings can be a lot of fun, so I definitely want to give it a go!

The Everlasting Rose – Dhonielle Clayton (March 5th)
I haven’t read The Belles yet, but really want to! From what I’ve heard, you either love or hate the book, haha. I won’t be buying this one right away, but it’s one I need to keep an eye on if I end up enjoying the first book!

Field Notes on Love – Jennifer E. Smith (March 5th)
I have read a few books by this author and she writes fun contemporary stories. A train trip and two people who don’t know each other well, what happens when they go on this journey together? Sounds like a cute summer read!

If You’re Out There – Katy Loutzenhiser (March 5th)
It can’t be easy when your best friend moves, but when they stop contacting you, it’s hard. Of course, moving can push people apart, but when you have a feeling something is wrong you need to investigate. This story sounds really interesting and with a bit of mystery!

The Fever King – Victoria Lee (March 1st)
This fantasy sounds really cool and I have high hopes! It includes some things I have never read before and I’m excited to find out how it all works.

Heroine – Mindy McGinnis (March 12th)
Addiction to painkillers is something we hear about often in the news, it’s interesting to see a book telling a story with these circumstances. I haven’t had the chance to read many books with addiction, so I am curious about this one!

Once & Future – Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy (March 26th)

A queer King Arthur retelling in space! What more do you need? This sounds awesome and I love the cover. Also, the authors are in a relationship and I love that for some reason.

Other Words For Smoke – Sarah Maria Griffin (March 12th)
This sounds pretty dark and kinda weird haha. It seems like it involves a haunted house and I hope it is as thrilling as it’s marketed.

To Best the Boys – Mary Weber (March 5th)
I’m super excited about this one! Girls disguising themselves as boys to compete in this maze to win a scholarship. Yes please!

You Owe Me a Murder – Eileen Cook (March 5th)
That title alone has be super intrigued to be honest haha. And the synopsis sounds really dark and cool as well. I was a bit disappointed by the first Eileen Cook book I read but I have good hopes for this one.

Chrysalis – Brendan Reichs (March 5th)
I’ve had Nemesis on my shelf for quite awhile and have heard a lot of amazing things! Once again, probably a book I’m going to kick myself for not reading sooner. Chrysalis is the third and final book and I want to make sure it’s on my radar when the time comes!

The Quiet You Carry – Nikki Barthelmess (March 5th)
This sounds like a very hard hitting contemporary. Victoria is placed in foster care but her stepsister is left with their dad. The synopsis implies that there is something fishy going on with her dad and I’m sure this will be a heartbreaking story.

The Manic Pixie Dream Boy Improvement Project – Lenore Appelhans (March 5th)
This book sounds ridiculously hilarious. It’s set in Tropetown where everyone has to act according to their trope. Our main character is in therapy because he went off script and I can’t wait to find out how all of this works.

Meet Me in Outer Space – Melinda Grace (March 12th)
I love own voices books and this is one of them. Our main character has a central auditory processing disorder. A disability that isn’t visible. I haven’t read any books with this subject, so I am really curious. I have an ARC, so keep an eye out for my blog tour post!

Cold Day in the Sun – Sara Biren (March 12th)
A female hockey player in a high school boys hockey team, I will love this! And the budding romance already sounds wonderful.

Squad – Mariah MacCarthy (March 12th)
Squad is a book I’ve seen around before, but didn’t realize the release was in March. It’s described as Mean Girls meets Bring it On. That’s definitely a book I need in my life!

The Weight of the Stars – K. Ancrum (March 19th)
I have heard a lot about The Wicker King and added it to my collection this month. The Weight of the Stars is the sequel (well, more of a companion novel). I have an ARC of this book, so I plan on reading both in March!

The Next to Last Mistake – Amalie Jahn (March 19th)
The synopsis doesn’t sound super interesting to me but I heard it has an amazing female friendship, a very well written dad and a lot of chess.

Small Town Hearts – Lillie Vale (March 19th)
The summer after senior year is something special. A lot happens for our main character. This sounds like such a fun contemporary story. I have an ARC, so keep an eye out for my blog tour post!

Quarantine: A Love Story – Katie Cicatelli-Kuc (March 26th)
Put two characters in quarantine for 30 days, that will be interesting! I am really excited for this idea!

Killing November – Adriana Mather (March 26th)
Okay, I’m easily sold when it comes to books that take place at school, haha. Add some really interesting classes: Knife-throwing and poisons and you’ve got my attention! Haha. I need this book!

In Another Life – C.C. Hunter (March 26th)

An adoption where things turned out to not be what they seem? Sounds like something I will enjoy! From the reviews I’ve gathered that there is a light mystery and it’s more of a contemporary story so be aware of that before going in.

The Last 8 – Laura Pohl (March 5th)
There has been an alien attack and only 8 teenagers survived it. Now they have to work together to survive. Looks like they can’t agree on hiding versus fighting back and not everyone is trustworthy.

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe – Carlos Hernandez (March 5th)
This is a new Rick Riordan Presents MG book and that get’s me interested right away. I also like the synopsis and title and can’t wait to see what adventure is in store for us.

the mermaid’s voice returns in this one – amanda lovelace (March 5th)
I already read this one and really enjoyed it. It’s the third poetry collection by amanda and I never thought I would enjoy poetry this much to be honest.

Superman: Dawnbreaker – Matt de la Pena (March 5th)
The next DC universe novel! I haven’t been loving them so far but I do still get excited when a new one come out. All the different superheroes are written by different authors and I haven’t read anything by this author yet so I don’t know what to expect.

Beware the Night – Jessika Fleck (March 12th)
How gorgeous is that cover? The world in this one sounds pretty interesting and I love it when there’s a revolution brewing. It also has sacrifices and that’s always so interesting to me.

The Waking Forest – Alyssa Wees (March 12th)
This one sounds pretty mysterious and I have honestly no clue what to expect. The reviews are quite mixed, although I didn’t look to closely as I think this is a book you should go in knowing as little as possible.

Girls with Sharp Sticks – Suzanne Young (March 19th)
The dystopia in this one sounds pretty scary and backwards. The synopsis also reminds me of Only Ever Yours, a book that still had me thinking about it even though I read it about 4 years ago.

Sky Without Stars – Jessica Brody & Joanne Rendell (March 26th)
Les Miserables meets The Lunar Chronicles, do you need to know anything else? Because I don’t, sign me up!

Daisy Jones & the Six – Taylor Jenkins Reids (March 5th)
After loving The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, I’m super excited for this one. I can’t wait to see which concept Taylor used in this one. Also, this is about the rise to fame in the music industry and that sounds amazing (and brutal).

The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James – Ashley Herring Blake (March 26th)
I have heard amazing things about this author, but haven’t had the chance to read anything yet. I want to read more middle grade, so this one seems perfect. A book that has a character who receives a new heart sounds like it will be very interesting. Not many authors write books about this subject (that I know of).

Shades of Magic vol. 1: The Steel Prince – V.E. Schwab (March 6th)
I love the Shades of Magic series and I’m so excited to finally get my hands on this prequel. In this comic series we follow Rhy’s father, when he’s still the prince of Red London instead of the king. I just know I will love this.

As you can see, March is filled with so many books! What books are you looking forward to? Did we miss any releases?


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