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Tuesday was the release day for Bloodwitch, book 3 in the Witchlands series. I really enjoyed the first two books (Truthwitch review can be found here) and can’t wait to read Bloodwitch. In celebration of this release I decided to go on the hunt for a Truthwitch Book Tag. And I found one! Inside My Library Mind is the creator of this tag and she made these beautiful graphics to use for the questions as well. Let’s get into the tag!

The first one to come to mind is Zoya from the Grishaverse. I really disliked her in Shadow and Bone but she definitely grew on me throughout the original trilogy. And in King of Scars? Ohmy, how I LOVED her! Such a wonderful character and I love how she grew on me.

The character I relate most to is still Cath from Fangirl. I can see a bit of myself in quite some characters but Cath will always be the one I relate to the most. She might’ve even been the first character I really felt that way about. Especially her reluctance to go to the dinning hall by herself feels so like me <3. I think I need to do a reread soon!

My answer to this will always be Hogwarts. It truly is the place that always welcomes you home and I will forever reread these books. I also love Red London from Shades of Magic and Cabeswater from The Raven Cycle.

I love antihero’s! My favorite has been Kaz from Six of Crows for years and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. He is so wonderful to read about but I wouldn’t ever cross him haha. I love reading about all his schemes and can’t wait for that third Six of Crows book wayyyy down the road.

Billy from Three Dark Crowns is a very loyal character! I love that series and he’s definitely part of the love. He sticks with his friends and his chosen Queen from the start and doesn’t stray from that. I hope he survives the last book and gets a happy ending 😉

One of my favorite things in this series <3. I think Code Name Verity has the best female friendship ever. The story is set in WWII and is really heartbreaking. But its one of my favorite books ever and its all about this female friendship. My heart still hurts thinking about this one and I read it 4,5 years ago.

This one is HARD! One of my absolute favs is Lara Jean and Peter K. Sure they aren’t perfect and neither is their relationship but I love them together so much. I love the way they got together and I wish we would get more books. Also, love the movie.

Is AIDEN from Illuminae considered a villain? Because I love that AI to pieces. I personally never really saw them as a villain, the decisions that are made are pure logic and I can totally get behind that. Sure bad things happen, but worse things could’ve happened.

Abraxos! Who doesn’t love Manon’s fierce wyvern? He is truly my favorite book animal/creature ever. All though Buckbeak (Harry Potter) and Chainsaw (The Raven Cycle) deserve a shoutout as well!

This last one is another difficult one. I honestly can’t think of any! Please let me know your most intimidating character in the comments! Hopefully I’ve come up with my own by then 😉

So this was the Truthwitch book tag! I really enjoyed answering these questions and am so ready to dive back in the Witchlands world. Have you read these books? Let me know in the comments!

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