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I recently canceled my Fairyloot subscription after realizing I wasn’t that excited about receiving them anymore. What I am still very excited about are special edition book boxes. So when I saw Illumicrate’s Saints & Scars box in celebration for the release of King of Scars, I knew I had to get it. This summer I got the Vengeful box by Illumicrate and I absolutely adored it. Today I want to show what was in the box and what I thought about it. So let’s get in to it!

The box was quite heavy and as soon as I opened it I saw some wonderful items. One of my absolute favorite items was right on top!

How gorgeous is this fox blanket? It’s so soft and I love the foxes. All the foxes look a little different but all are equally gorgeous. The illustration is by Yoshi Yoshitani.

Next up is this mug with a wonderful quote: ‘One could plot violent espionage and still hope for dessert’. We all know there’s only one character in King of Scars who could’ve said this 😉 I liked the type of mug in the Vengeful box better but I do really like the quote and illustration on this one. The mug is designed by Fable & Black.

This little pouch/case is inspired by Genya’s sunburst eyepatch and I love it. Genya is one of my favorite characters and I’m very happy to have an item inspired by her. This is also designed by Fable & Black. I still have to think about what I’ll use it for but I will definitely use it.

As you all might know, I adore pins <3 And this enamel pin set by Fable & Black is amazing! The quality is great and the designs are beautiful. And they fit the world and story so well.

The last Fable & Black item are these socks. I love getting useful items and am excited to wear these. This is one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall and winter lately. And it’s wonderful to wear a fandom item without it being so obvious.

This next item is a beautiful hand fan designed by Stella Bookish Art. I always love her designs and this quote by Zoya fits very well. While this is a beautiful item, I don’t think I will actually use this. I will try to display it on my future Leigh Bardugo shelf 😉

Next up is this gorgeous Nikolai Lantsov calendar! Each month has different Nikolai art and almost all of them are equally gorgeous. I think there are maybe 2 I don’t like as much but all the others are so so so beautiful!

YAY, we got a candle! I love candles and this one smells delicious. This candle by Flickerink is inspired by Ravkan Myths and is layered with three colors. I’m so happy with this one.

Look at this cute Nikolai plushie! I was so confused for a second haha, I’ve also ordered a Faecrate hangover kit (the Bloodwitch one) and that one will come with a plushie. So when I opened this box and saw the plushie my mind couldn’t comprehend it at first haha. This is such a cute item and I’m excited to have two plushies in a little while.

I love this next item so so much. The Vengeful box had bookmarks like these and I loved them so much and was incredibly happy to find these in this box as well. We got Genya, Leoni, Zoya, Baghra, Alina, Nina, and Tamar. These are designed by Monolimeart and I love their art a lot. Aren’t these gorgeous?

The book was sent in this booksleeve. One can never have enough booksleeves and this is another splendid addition to my collection. I really like that it has a little flap on top to keep the book secure in its place. The quote; ‘Hope was the wind that came from nowhere to fill your sails and carry you home’ is great and I really like the design. Chatty Nora designed this sleeve and did a great job.

We also got a dear reader note by Leigh Bardugo <3 And then it’s on to the gorgeous book!

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! I adore all of this so so much, and it gets better!

The spine of the naked hardback is gorgeous. I love that it has a quote on it <3 This is a special edition and I don’t think it is sold anywhere else. King of Scars is a must have in my collection and you can all expect my review soon. I’m already super excited for the sequel and hope we get a box for that as well 😉

This box was great and I’m so happy I spend my money on it! All of these items are of amazing quality and I believe Leigh approved every item herself. I will definitely get more special boxes from Illumicrate in the future. What did you think of this box? Are you a Grisha fan? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Unboxing | Saints & Scars – Illumicrate King of Scars Box

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! The pins are definitely nice, but nothing can beat that blanket <3

    1. It is such a good box! I know I will be ordering another one if it’s an anticipated release of mine <3

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