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Today I’m back with another Author Corner with Brooke O’Brien. Her newest book, Until I Found You, releases this Friday. In today’s post we’re sitting down with Graham from Until I Found You for a little interview. Here are some questions to get to know him before you can read all about him!

First of all Graham, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Your readers would love to know more about you! I’ll start off with some personal questions and then some fun ones at the end! So let’s get started!
It’s clear you and Halle have a lot of history together! What was the favorite thing about the first time you met?
Her sass. The moment she opened her mouth I was a goner.
What first attracted you to Halle?
It was clear to me even from the first time she met that there’s a fire in her that cannot be contained. She’s passionate and opinionated, she’ll tell you what she thinks without you even asking. I like to push her buttons sometimes, she knows it. But she’s the most caring person I know. She’s loyal, she’d do anything for the people she loves. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, you’d know why the people in her life love her just as much.
What is your favorite memory?
Growing up with my cousin, Gage, we would always go down to the skatepark. It’s where I met some of my best friends, Dean and Maverick. Those are some of my favorite memories as a kid. I’ll never forget the first time I brought Halle with me to the skatepark. I didn’t expect her to be interested in it, but she jumped on the board like she was doing it for years. She doesn’t let anything hold her back. She fit in with that group of friends seemlessly, which was important to me because they were a big part of my life, just like our friends from Arbor Creek.
What is your greatest fear?
As a man, I want to be able to protect and take care of the people I love. My greatest fear is that something were to happen to them and knowing I could’ve done more or prevented it.
Why does your journey matter to you personally?
You see how I struggled with regret and guilt over my actions that led to Gage’s death. It was important for me to understand what he went through that night so I could fully accept it wasn’t my fault.
If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Halle: “Oh, this ought to be interesting. How would you describe yourself, Graham?”
Graham: “Uhh… gosh, I don’t know. Is that really one of the questions?”
Halle: “Yep, now answer it.”
Graham: *side eyes Halle* “Well, Halle has a thing for my arms so I guess I’m strong.”
If you had to describe Halle in three words, what would they be?  
Halle: “Be careful how you answer this one.”
Graham: “You see what I put up with?! Well, let’s see… stubborn.” Graham grins, winking at Halle. “Beautiful, and caring. She has a big heart and she’s forgiven me for all the times I’ve been a pain in the ass, so that’s got to count for something.”
If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go?
I think I’d go back to those days at the skatepark and at the dirt track with my friends.
*Looks over at Halle & smiles*
Those were some really good times.
Okay, now for some fun questions:
Favorite Food? I like a good steak and potatoes.
Favorite Drink? Orange juice
Favorite Song? My taste changes often but lately I’ve been diggin’ Luke Combs.
Favorite Movie or TV Show? Anything with Denzel Washington.
Favorite Hobby? Going to the dirt track. I like watching the races and riding dirt bikes with my friends
Grahama is definitely an interesting character! And as you can se, Halle came along for the ride. If you want to know more about both of them, don’t forget to pick up Until I Found You this Friday!! Believe me, you want Graham and Halle’s story!!

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