Review| Courtside Crush – Kayla Tirrell

Today is the release of Courtside Crush, by one of my favorite authors, Kayla Tirrell. I’ve loved all of her books so far, so when she sent me an ARC of this one, I was very excited.

Courtside Crush is modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet, so I was excited to see how she gave this one a twist. Let’s talk about what I thought of this book!

So much for senior year being the best part of high school.

It all started when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me.
I did what any girl would do—I got revenge. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Thanks to a condemning video, I also got eight weeks of community service and athletic probation right before basketball season is supposed to start. (There goes my spot as captain!)

Thankfully, there’s a guy at Marlowe Junction’s Helping Hands who makes passing the time more enjoyable. He’s gorgeous, funny, and a huge basketball fan.
Too bad he’s also my brother’s biggest enemy…

Courtside Crush is a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet, perfect for anyone who likes their sweet romance with a dash of drama. It is the first book in the Varsity Girlfriends series.


Kayla Tirrell has become a go to author for me when it comes to wanting a good contemporary story! So far all of her books have sucked me right in and were fast and fun reads, Courtside Crush did the exact same thing. I read it in two sittings (would’ve been one if I didn’t have to go and be social, haha).

Charlie isn’t your typical girl next door, she’s not perfect and definitely admits that. She may have gone a bit too far this time. Even though her ex was a jerk (I can’t blame her for what she did), a video of her act lands her 8 weeks of community service.

Jackson is my favorite when it comes to all of the amazing characters this author has written. Jackson isn’t a bad boy, he helps his Aunt out with community service (looks good on college applications) and loves basketball just like Charlie. The only problem? Jackson is her brother’s number one enemy!

I loved the  connection Charlie and Jackson had from the start. It felt like fireworks. The added modern day Romeo and Juliet made this love story a lot of fun (luckily it doesn’t end as tragic). Even though it was kind of a forbidden romance, I loved how sweet Jackson was. He really cares and isn’t your typical jock. I mean, buying Charlie a corsage for a Halloween maze is adorable!

Courtside Crush has all the elements I love in a contemporary: fun characters, fun family moments, swoon worthy romantic moments and great best friends! At times I felt bad for Charlie though and wish she fought more for herself, so she didn’t have to hide from her ex. I mean, he was very awful! The only complaint I have is I would’ve loved to have had more Jackson, maybe even his POV! He was just so sweet, I needed more!

All in all, another wonderful contemporary with a great twist on Romeo and Juliet. I loved the little details throughout the story! I can’t wait for the next book, because there are many characters who I would love to read about!

Kayla did it again! I can’t wait for the next book in this series. What do you think of modern day retellings?

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