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As you all probably know by now, I love watching tv shows! And I love checking out new tv shows. One of the shows that just started is Roswell, New Mexico. The trailer looked okay and I saw a lot of actors I liked in other shows so I wanted to give this a try. I haven’t seen the original show and wasn’t sure I would like this. It reminded me a little bit of Star-Crossed, a 2014 teen show with aliens and ‘star-crossed’ lovers. While I liked that show, I didn’t love it and wasn’t really looking for something similar. ┬áLet’s see how I feel about Roswell, New Mexico after the first couple of episodes!

Roswell, New Mexico is a reimagining of Roswell and is simply put about aliens living among humans. The original show was actually based on a book series. I’m definitely interested in picking up at least the first book.

One of our main characters, Liz Ortecho returns to her hometown Roswell after she’s been away for years. Her sister died and was responsible for the death of others as well. And since then Liz has been away to study and work. But Liz is back now and gets reacquainted with her ex boyfriend and the boy that had the biggest crush on her. Some of the characters turn out to be aliens with cool powers, but they have to hide what they really are.

As I said, I haven’t seen the original Roswell show so I can’t really compare it to that, neither do I have strong feelings about deviations the revival shows. The first episode is a little bit cringey, but I feel like a lot of these kinds of new shows have a kinda meh pilot episode. I really liked a lot of the characters right away. Also, I’m shipping two characters so hard my heart might burst from it.

The storyline probably isn’t the most unique out there but I’m definitely enjoying it. You get quite some information pretty early on but as the show progresses there is a lot more to learn. I love all of the mysteries and can’t wait to figure it all out. This is the kind of show where you have to have the right expectations before going in, in my opinion, otherwise you will be extremely disappointed. But if you want to watch an addicting show about new adults, unravel some okay mysteries and come to care about the characters, I think you’re on the right track!

I adore most of the characters! We’ve got quite some important characters and slowly you get to know them better. Michael might be my favorite, I know is storyline is a little bit different from the original show but I’m extremely happy with his current story. Max is super likable but I think I like him mostly because I love the actor that plays him. Liz is one of my least favorite character but she might grow on me. There are quite some characters I don’t trust at all and I’m so excited to see who I was right about.

As soon as I watch a new episode, I’m looking forward to next week. This is such an addictive show! I hope they can keep up interesting mysteries. And obviously, I hope these characters stay as awesome as they are now. I think we will get more backstory for most and am excited to get to know them better.

Have you watched Roswell, New Mexico yet? Or do you plan on watching it? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Ohhhh! Is this a reboot of the 1999 show? I loved that show even though it was sappy and dopey. Thanks for the heads-up!

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