Looking Back at Our Bookhaul | January 2018

We decided to add a monthly post to the blog. As you know, we show you the books we bought or received every month. This got us thinking, how many books have we actually already read from our hauls? So now once a month we will be looking back at our bookhauls from a year ago and tell you what we have read!

If we haven’t read many of them, hopefully this will motivate us a bit more to read more of the books we already own, haha. So this month we will talk about our bookhaul in January 2018.


I am actually afraid to look at my haul for January 2018 after how bad I failed at the one in December, haha. Okay, it’s time to take a look! While I didn’t add as many books, I still have a lot to read, haha. Let’s see what I added last year!

The Fandom – Anna Day

I haven’t read this one yet, but that’s not because I’m not interested. A couple of friends have read this so far and while most found it interesting, there were a couple that knew how it was going to end after reading 60 pages! I think I’ll save this one for Halloween.

Zenith – Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Another book I have to read, haha. This post is going to be as bad as the one in December if this keeps going. Zenith is another book I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about. I do really want to read this one, but I will be going in with low expectations.

The Defiant – Lesley Livingston

I loved The Valiant, so I am actually pretty shocked this one hasn’t been read yet! That is changing this month though! Isabelle and I will be buddyreading this one with a friend. The third and final book in this trilogy releases this month, so if it ends with a cliffhanger we don’t have to wait that long!

Everless – Sara Holland

Even I think it’s sad that I met this author and had my book signed last year, but still haven’t read it! I seriously believe in so many books, so little time more and more these days, haha. I know Isabelle ended up enjoying this book, so I need to give it a go. This year is really going to be focusing on backlist books, so this one is on that list!

Batman: Nightwalker – Marie Lu

This book came in a bookbox I got last year. One that I really loved! I was planning on reading this, so I could read Catwoman when it released later last year, but things went differently than planned! I have a few superhero books to read this year, so I will get it done!

Wires and Nerves: Gone Rogue – Marissa Meyer

I am actually most surprised about this one! These are graphic novels and take no time at all to read, so this one could’ve been done in a day, haha. And I love Iko, so there’s no excuse for not reading this.

Heart on Fire – Amanda Bouchet

Before I give this book a go, I want to reread the first two books. I read both of them quite some time ago, so I want all the details of this story fresh before reading the final book of the trilogy!

This Mortal Coil – Emily Suvada

I have no reason not to read this one now that the second book is out. This cover is still one that I think it stunning! A few friends have really enjoyed This Mortal Coil, so hopefully I will as well!

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

For this book I do earn points, because I have started reading it. At the moment, I’m 40 pages in. My boyfriend finished it a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. What I have read, I have enjoyed so far!

Four Letter Word & Hit the Spot – J. Daniels

This is a series I’m reading out of order (they’re standalones, so it is possible, haha). I read and reviewed the third book last January. The author is doing a cover and blurb reveal for the fourth book this week, so maybe it’s time to sit down and read the first two now?

That Inevitable Victorian Thing – E.K. Johnston

I really want to read more historical fiction this year, so this one will be on the top of my pile. My favorite part of this book so far is that gorgeous cover, haha. I’m actually surprised, because I don’t really hear people talking about this book.

Truthwitch & Windwitch – Susan Dennard

Isabelle read the first two books and enjoyed them, so I am excited to read them. This is still an ongoing series though, so I’m still debating if I should wait until all of them have been released. I’m still thinking about that one!

End Result:
Read: 1/14 – 7%
TBR: 13/14 – 93%


I had a great start lasting year book buying wise! It went all downhill from there haha, but I only got 4 new books in January 2018. Let’s take a look and see what I read so far.

Assassin’s Apprentice – Robin Hobb

I haven’t read this one yet unfortunately but I am planning on reading more adult fantasy this year and this one is high on my list to read. So many people read and loved this series and I feel a little bad not having read this one yet haha.

Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

I love the cover on this one so much! Everyone is always talking about the movie and I really want to see it, so that means I had to read the book first. Unfortunately I didn’t love the book as much as I was hoping I would. I do want to watch the movie but I don’t think I will be continuing the book series, maybe as audiobooks but I won’t be buying the physical copies.

A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle

This is a classic and with the movie that came out this summer I really wanted to read. Unfortunately this was also a little bit of a let down. It was a super quick read and I really like the edition I got but I wasn’t that into the book.

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Possibly the number one hyped book from 2018 haha. I’m so scared to start this with all the hype surrounding the series and the cliffhangers I’ve heard people suffer from. So maybe I’ll wait until next year so I can read the whole series in one go if I like the first one… Hmm something to think about! Did you read this one? Do you think its worth the hype?

End Result
Read: 2/4 – 50%
TBR: 2/4 – 50%

So that’s another month looking back at our hauls! Have you read any of the books in this post? What did you think if you did?

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