Show Sunday| My Roommate is a Cat

Anime is something my boyfriend mostly watches, but he knows exactly the kind I will like. Not too long ago, the anime My Roommate is a Cat started and I have loved the few episodes that have been released so far!

The story of Mikazuki Subaru, a novelist who is shy and struggles in relationships with other people, and a cat who was dumped by humans and lived a tough life on the streets. Through a twist of fate, the two of them end up living together. This heartwarming tale illustrates day-to-day life through the eyes of both man and cat. These moments seem trivial, but as they build upon themselves, the two become family and find happiness in their life together.

My Roommate is a Cat is really filled with heartwarming and funny situations. Subaru isn’t good at human relationships and one with a cat isn’t much different. He ends up taking a stray cat home and struggles with different day to day events with the cat.

On top of this anime being really sweet and funny, it has both of my favorite worlds: cats and books, haha. After bringing the cat home, he finally gets an idea for a new book. One of the main characters, a cat, haha.

I think my favorite thing about this anime is that every episode is split into two parts: the first half is from Subaru’s POV and the second half is told through the cat’s POV. This creates a lot of funny moments and makes you wonder if cats really think the way this one does.

It tackles some pretty realistic parts of owning a cat as well: vet visits, naming your cat and even giving the cat attention. I think out of all the animes I’ve watched with my boyfriend, this one is my favorite so far and I’ve only seen four episodes!

Do you watch anime? If you do, what are our favorites to watch?

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