Review| The Life We Wanted – Kelsey Kingsley

Kelsey Kingsley has set the bar high with for other books this year with her newest release, The Life We Wanted. This book really surprised me in such a positive way. I am very grateful for the author for giving me an ARC to read and review. I apologize in advance if my review is all over the place. I could really rant about how much I loved this book!

“You have too many rules.”
“And you don’t have enough.”

Sebastian Moore thought he had it all.

A drumming gig with one of the world’s biggest up-and-coming stars. The looks and charm to get him any woman he laid his eyes on. All the friends he could ever ask for.

But something was always missing.

That is, until he receives a letter, telling him that he’s a father to a fifteen-year-old boy.

Now, with the addition of his son, a love interest he never expected, and a whole new set of responsibilities, Sebastian finds himself happier than he’s ever been.

But old habits die hard, and when life finally gives him everything he wanted, he’ll have to find a way to keep his past from ruining the present.


Kelsey Kingsley is an author that has me saying that the main character of her newest release is my favorite and somehow that keeps on happening every time she writes a new book. I think this one is going to be an exception though! If you’ve read Daisies & Devin, this book is even more fun to read!

The Life We Wanted is a story that really makes you feel. Tabby has gone through what no one would ever want, losing three of your closest family members in the matter of a year! Anyone would be messed up after that. On top of that she’s raising her sister’s son, who is grieving as well!

Sebastian is living the life as a rock star and doesn’t even have to work to get a woman to want him. For some reason things are starting to feel a little lonely. His life gets flipped upside down after receiving a letter from Tabby that he has a 15 year old son! One he didn’t know exsisted. He may be a rock star, but that’s not the type of book you get from The Life We Wanted!

From the start I really connected to both of these characters, because this book is written with such emotions. I could feel what these characters were feeling! I loved Sebastian, he’s an arrogant rock star, but a sweet and protective one as well. He never thought he’d be a father, but it’s like he’s a natural even if he’s missed 15 years. I loved reading about him loving Greyson at first sight and how much he felt during the moments with his son. He’s sad he missed so much time, but he’s going to make up with it.

Tabby has always felt the need to be the responsible one since her sister got pregnant with Greyson. She has her own real estate business and works A LOT! After losing everyone and having a teenager who is grieving as well is really getting to her. Is this the life she really wanted? I admire Tabby for being so strong and trying to keep everything under control, but I was relieved when she finally started letting herself feel and figure things out! Maybe she doesn’t have to be the person who is proper and nearly perfect at times, maybe she can just be herself!

My favorite part of this book was the connection between Tabby and Sebastian. Their worlds were brought together, because of her sister’s one night stand so many years ago, but Greyson is important to them both. I love the teasing and irritating each other, but also the really caring for what the other is doing and feeling for Greyson. It’s clear from the start there’s an attraction, but neither of them want to give in!

Their slow burn relationship is everything you need in a book! I smiled, laughed and swooned while reading this book. Sebastian really is the perfect book boyfriend! Him wanting to get to know Sebastian and do everything he can for him was so heartwarming. Not many stories can hit your heart strings like this one! Even if I wanted to smack Tabby at times for not giving in to what she feels for Sebastian.

Besides the amazing main characters, Tabby and Sebastian’s friends are so much fun and really complete this book! I was actually really sad it was over! I could write a book about everything I loved, but I think you really should just read it for yourself! You will not regret it! The author’s love for music is also a major part of this book and fits this story perfectly!

As you can tell, I really loved this book! Have you ever read anything by this author? What did you think?

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