Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases February

After January starting off with a bang when it comes to great new books, it’s time to see what February is going to bring! Is our bank account safe or will we be adding a lot of books to our shelves? Take a look at our February anticipated releases!

Courting Darkness – Robin LaFevers (February 5th)

I have read the first two books in the original trilogy and absolutely loved them. After hopefully reading the last book in that series soon, I can’t wait to pick this one up. The world is so cool and the author writes some really interesting characters.

Malice – Pintip Dunn (February 4th)

This science fiction novel sounds so cool! It reminds me a little bit of All Our Yesterdays, a time travel novel I absolutely loved. Hopefully this one is as good and not too heavy on the romance.

Fame, Fate and the First Kiss – Kasie West (February 5th)

Kasie West seems to be a go to author for contemporary reads. I loved P.S. I Like You, but haven’t gotten to another book by her yet. This one sounds like a fun read, so maybe this will be my next Kasie West read?

The Cerulean – Amy Ewing (February 5th)

I enjoyed The Jewel by Amy Ewing more than I thought I would. This new duology sounds interesting but also so weird haha. I’m not completely sure what to expect from this one but I’m intrigued enough to give it a try.

Enchantée – Gita Trelease (February 5th)

A historical fiction mixed with magic, set in France during the French Revolution. This sounds great! I’ve seen some mixed reviews but I definitely want to check it out.

The Ruin of Kings – Jennifer Lyons (February 5th)

This debut novel sounds super intriguing. There seems to be a lot going on, so it’s probably a pretty complex story and it’s pretty big as well. So it’ll probably be a while before I actually pick it up but I will definitely keep my eye on it.

The Antidote – Shelley Sackier (February 5th)

This one has some mixed reviews but does sound like it could be something I’d really enjoy. Healing magic, a plague, a sick prince? Pretty cool right?!

Stolen Time – Danielle Rollins (February 5th)

Another time travel novel! I love those types of science fiction novels and want to read some more. This one also has a pretty horrible future so that just ups the stakes.

The Deceivers – Kristen Simmons (February 5th)

A school for aspiring con-artists? Yes please! This is so right up my alley it’s insane. Pretty Little Liars meets Ocean’s 11, I need it NOW!

Nick and June Were Here – Shalanda Stanley (February 12th)

I am a big fan of books that take on heavier subjects, such as schizophrenia. There aren’t many books that deal with this (that I know of) and I think it’s a subject that is fascinating. I have a feeling this story may break my heart, but will be beautiful!

Comics Will Break Your Heart – Faith Erin Hicks (February 12th)

Comics Will Break Your Heart sounds like a book that will make my geeky heart happy! Having a grandfather who is the co-creator of a popular comic has to be a lot of fun. I know this will be a fun summer read.

We Told Six Lies – Victoria Scott (February 5th)

I love reading YA mystery thrillers and especially ones with an unreliable narrator. The synopsis doesn’t sound super unique but I like the way it’s written. Hopefully this one can surprise me!

Dark of the West – Joanna Hathaway (February 5th)

Code Name Verity meets The Winner’s Curse? That sounds like something I need! Code Name Verity is one of my favorite books ever and seeing that in a fantasy world is even better. The rest of the synopsis sounds amazing as well.

On The Come Up – Angie Thomas (February 5th)

While I haven’t read The Hate U Give yet (oops, don’t kill me!) I just had to mention this one. I’m not completely sure this is something I’m that interested in. But after hopefully loving THUG, I might change my mind.

The Rosie Result – Graeme Simsion (February 5th)

Both The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect are such fun reads and the moment I saw there was going to be another one in this series I knew I had to read it. Can’t wait to laugh out loud with this one!

How I Became a Spy: A Mystery of WWII London – Deborah Hopkinsons (February 12th)

The title first made it sound like a non-fiction but it turns out its a middle grade historical fiction! I think the mystery in this one will be super cute but with a very serious backdrop.

Spectacle – Jodie Lynn Zdrok (February 12th)

Another book set in Paris haha, we can clearly see a trend 😉 It’s also a murder mystery with a fantasy twist. All the elements I enjoy are here, hopefully the story lives up to my expectations!

The Black Coats – Colleen Oakes (February 12th)

I think a book about a secret group that seeks vengeance on men who hurt girls and women. This is another book that I still have my doubts about. A book like this can be very powerful or too much about seeking revenge.

The Triumphant – Lesley Livingston (February 12th)

This is a musthave for both of us! We both met Lesley a couple of years ago and loved The Valiant. In February we’re doing a buddyread of The Defiant! We both have a feeling we’re going to love the sequel, so this third and final book has to be added to our collections!

Bloodwitch – Susan Dennard (February 12th)

I love the Truthwitch series so far and can’t wait for Bloodwitch! Faecrate has a hangover kit type of book box for this one and obviously I ordered it haha. Can’t wait for it to get here but I might need to start reading the ebook until my book gets here 😉

The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried – Shaun David Hutchinson (February 19th)

First of all I have to say that I really love this cover! It’s so unique. I don’t know how I would feel if my parents owned a funeral home. The whole best friend dying and kind of coming back to life makes me very curious. I want to see how this plays out and what’s going on!

Crown of Feathers – Nicki Prau Preto (February 12th)

Fierce warrior queens and phoenix riders? Yes please. Also that last line of the synopsis; sometimes the title of queen is given. Sometimes it must be taken. Take my money now!

The Psychology of Time Travel – Kate Mascarenhas (February 12th)

More time travel! And with female scientist? Sounds amazing! I have an eArc for this one and hope to read it soon.

The Art of Losing – Lizzy Mason (February 19th)

This sounds like a really hard-hitting contemporary with some very heavy themes. I have read one similar book and that was a really good one so I hope this one will be as good.

Moonstruck vol. 2: Some Enchanted Evening – Grace Ellis (February 19th)

I read and enjoyed the first volume recently. While it wasn’t the best comic I ever read I want to give this another chance. The art is super cute and I loved the world that was created.

Just For Clicks – Kara McDowell (February 19th)

This was supposed to be a January release but it got pushed back to February. I already read an eArc of this and loved it! You can find my review here.

The Afterward – E.K. Johnston (February 19th)

This story is basically set after a couple of heroes save the day. It sounds really cool and it looks like its a stand alone which we don’t see to many of in the fantasy genre.

Tarot – Marissa Kennerson (February 19th)

I love that this is inspired by tarot cards and can’t wait to read it! The cover however is horrendous and I will not be buying that haha. Maybe I can get the audiobook or otherwise an ebook.

We Set the Dark on Fire – Tehlor Kay Mejia (February 26th)

This is one of my most highly anticipated releases for the beginning of the year and I’ve talked about it a couple of times already! It reminds me a little bit of Only Ever Yours and that was such a hard but also amazing book to read. I still think about that one sometimes and I hope this one is as good.

What We Buried – Kate A. Boorman (February 26th)

Another YA mystery and one with some pretty interesting sounding main characters! I love that the main characters are siblings and I’ve seen reviews mention an unreliable narrator, one of my favorite things in mystery/thrillers ever.

Last of Her Name – Jessica Khoury (February 26th)

An Anastasia inspired space novel, how can I say no to that? This sounds wonderful and I need it right this second!

Four Dead Queens – Astrid Scholte (February 26th)

Four Queens ruling together sounds like something that’s bound to go wrong, haha. This book sounds really interesting. I just hope it doesn’t head too much in the same direction as Three Dark Crowns.

Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee – Jeff Zetner (February 26th)

The cover is what caught my eye, but I have heard a lot of amazing things about this author. I own his other two books, so this one should be added as well, don’t you think? I love contemporaries, so this one seems like one I will love.

Warrior of the Wild – Tricia Levenseller (February 26th)

I really enjoyed Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia so I’m automatically interested in anything new by her. And this sounds awesome, Vikings and Gods? The stakes are high!

An Affair of Poisons – Addie Thorley (February 26th)

Historical fiction is a genre I really want to read more of this year and this sounds like one I need to start off with. A poisoner who also tries to help people, that is going to be an interesting combination to read about.

The Priory of the Orange Tree – Samantha Shannon (February 26th)

This is a book I still have my doubts about. I loved The Bone Season and this one does sound interesting. The cover is gorgeous as well, but there is just something that I can’t put my finger on that makes me wonder if I will love it or not.

These are the releases in February we’re looking forward to! What books do you plan on adding to your shelves?

2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases February

  1. Great list! I’m excited about so many of them!
    As you know, I have to limit myself when it comes to pre-ordering, lol.
    So these are the ones I’ve preordered for February:
    – Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers
    – the Triumphant by Lesley Livingston
    – the Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros
    – Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

    I really hope I get around to buy some more February releases during the month, but we’ll see haha.

    1. I’m sure all of those will be amazing reads!! And I hope you end up getting all the books you want haha

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