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A little bit later than planned but in this bookish item I want to show you all some of the series I would like to finish this year. I made a spreadsheet of all the series I’m currently reading, or better said, the series I started but never completed. There are over 60 series I have started that I also plan on finishing. This year one of my reading goals is once again to finish 12 series. So let’s take a look at a couple of the series I plan on finishing this year. I only mention 6 because I know I won’t be able to stick to 12 pre set series, but these have priority!

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket

I really want to continue watching the tv show haha. But before I can do that I need to finish reading the books first. This month I have read all the books that are used in the second season. So I can safely watch up till that point. But I really want to read the last 5 books or so as well, these books are pretty quick reads and there have been some interesting developments in the last ones!

The Valiant – Lesley Livingston

I loved the first book in this series and have been wanting to read the next one for about a year now. Luckily Candyce and I are doing a buddyread with Melissa next month so that one will be tackled. The third and final book in this series is being published in February I believe, so we plan on doing a buddyread for that one soon as well. Hopefully the next two books live up to the first one!

Daughter of the Pirate King – Tricia Levenseller

I highly enjoyed the first book and have heard nothing but good things about the sequel, Daughter of the Siren Queen. This is only a duology so I feel like I need to just pick up that second book. It will be so rewarding to have finished another series!

The Sin Eater’s Daughter – Melinda Salisbury

It’s embarrassing how long that third book had been waiting on my shelves. I really enjoyed The Sin Eater’s Daughter. For the second book, The Sleeping Prince, it took me a bit to get into the story. We follow different characters and I wasn’t expecting that. But at the end of the second book the stories started to come together and I’m super excited to see what happens in the last book, The Scarecrow Queen. And I need to read it soon before I’ve forgotten everything about the previous two haha.

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

I absolutely loved Red Queen but was super disappointed in Glass Sword. While the ending of that book did get me pumped for the third book, I stayed hesitant. Would it be more like the first of more like the second book. This Christmas I got the fourth book so I can read King’s Cage and War Storm back to back. Hopefully I will like them as much as I did Red Queen. But one way or another, it will be nice to have finished this series.

Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch

This series had been on my wishlist for quite a while and I was so happy to buy it from one of my friends in the fall of 2017. I read Snow Like Ashes right away and really enjoyed it. This month Candyce, Melissa and I did a buddy read for Ice Like Fire and hopefully we will read Frost Like Night together as well. Otherwise I will just have to pick it up this year myself. I can’t wait too long, because the ending of Ice Like Fire left me wanting more!!

These are 6 of the series I really want to finish this year. Have you read any of them? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Series I Want to Finish in 2019

  1. I ended up DNFing the rest of As Series of Unfortunate Events because it got to repetitive, hope you like it better than me!

    1. It does get pretty repetitive! The last one I read was a bit different from the rest and hope the last couple of books are more unique as well!

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