Review| Burning for Autumn – Freya Barker

If you’ve followed the blog, you know I have read a few books by Freya Barker. Her newest book, Burning for Autumn, was released January 8th. The author was kind enough to provide me with an ARC to read and review.

I’m normally not one to give warnings, but in Burning for Autumn an animal is harmed. You don’t read it in complete detail, but it is a part of the story. Even I thought it was a bit hard to read!

When Autumn McCoy accepted a temporary work contract in Durango, she thought it would be a safe way to add some spark to her existence. She may be getting more than she bargained for when she finds herself the target of impending danger.The outspoken forty-two-year-old isn’t prepared for that spark to ignite flames threatening to engulf every aspect of her life.

Buried under the weight of responsibilities, all interim Chief of Police, Keith Blackfoot, wants is to get back to good old-fashioned detecting. He gets his chance when an encounter with a feisty redhead
seems to incite a wave of arson cases. Although a visit from friend and firefighter, Roman “Chief” Proudfit, provides some direction, he’s left to battle an invisible menace fueling fires that could leave his town—and his heart—in ashes.


Another great book by Freya Barker! To be honest, I don’t know the books that she was inspired by for this series, but they sound amazing! I have to start off by saying it took me a bit longer for this story to suck me in than previous books written by this author, but once I was in, there was no going back!

Autumn is starting a new career/job and finding her way around this new town. Keith is an officer and chief (even though he doesn’t want to be). They run into each other because of a series of fires that have been torturing this town.

I loved Autumn. She is not the most social person (it’s clear that things have happened to her) and her best friends don’t live close anymore. I loved that she had cats (all 5 of them). I am definitely a cat lady, so this was a nice touch to this story! Autumn changed a lot in this story and finally starts letting her walls down.
Keith is a strong person who wants criminals behind bars. He’s not happy being chief at the moment and doing anything possible to change that. All the fires are doubling his workload and he is determined to find the arsonist. Keith is very protective and will do anything to keep the ones he loves safe, even if he may seem a bit demanding at times.

Burning for Autumn isn’t just a romance though. I loved the suspense element in this story. We never knew when the next fire would strike or who would be involved (especially after it hit close to home). While reading I loved trying to figure out who was behind all the fires. I didn’t expect how it turned out.
The romance was a great element as well and I was happy to see it was a bit of a slowburn in the beginning. Autumn was careful, but Keith was determined to follow his feelings. They’re so sweet together and I would love to read more about them!

On top of al of this, Burning for Autumn has a great crew of characters. I loved the cameos from a few characters we know and love from a different series. Autumn’s best friend and husband are so fun and I would love more of them! Luna is a tough cookie and also deserves her own happily ever after! I’m glad to see she will be getting her own story!

All in all, I really enjoyed this story. Only as a cat lover this story was a bit hard at times. I understand why it went the way it did though. Something like that could happen in real life with a disturbed person like this book has. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Are you interested in romantic suspense? What was the last one you read?

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