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Last year after seeing a few friends of ours make Christmas boxes for someone else, we decided to give it a go as well. We had so much fun that we did the same thing for our birthdays and again for this Christmas. We set a budget for our Christmas Surpise Boxes and then get a couple of books and some bookish goodies for each other.

While waiting for things to be delivered, we ended up unxboxing them a little later than planned. So they’re kind of New Year Surprise boxes, haha. Time for us to show you what we got!


Putting together a box for a friend is so much fun, especially if it’s filled with bookish things! We both realized that this year it got a little harder to think of what goodies to buy. I even think it’s more fun to put together a box than open up my own, but I was excited to see what Isabelle thought of. I loved everything I got, so I’m excited to show you!

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this candle! After unwrapping it, I was excited to see that it’s Yule Ball. I love Harry Potter, so this is a perfect candle to add to my collection!! On top of that, it smells amazing. I can’t quite place it, but it smells just like winter.

After that I saw these stickers. Look how beautiful they are!!! It’s exciting to see that there is more fandom merchandise for Three Dark Crowns. It took quite awhile. The Infernal Devices is also a favorite and I don’t own any bookish goodies for them, so this is a good start. Then there’s the Blackthorn twins and a quote from the Monsters of Verity duology. I love them!

Next is a pin with Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle. This made me laugh, haha. My boyfriend added a strip of leather to the side of my bookcase for all of my bookish pins. I don’t have many yet, so I’m happy I can add this one to my collection. Then another adorable sticker! Luna is such a fun character and I’m definitely just as sane as she is, haha.

Then I got two sets of really cute bookmarks. Like I said before, there isn’t much available for Three Dark Crowns, so these bookmarks are a nice thing to have. And that’s when things got funny! The bookmarks for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before are the same ones I got for Isabelle, haha. I think it’s interesting that we bought the same book marks for each other!

Last but not least, I received two amazing books! At least, I think they’ll be amazing!

Wundersmith is the sequel to Nevermoor. I read Nevermoor and fell in love with that world! I’m so excited to continue with the second book. The author has a lot more planned if all works out, so hopefully she can publish all the books she has in mind!

Last year, I read The Magic Misfits. I never expected that story to be as cute as it was. The sequel came out a few months ago and I’m so happy she added this one to my box. I really want to read more middle grade books this year, so these two are definitely a good start!


Like Candyce said, it was a bit harder this time around, we already made 2 boxes for each other and I wanted to be a more creative for this box. I totally failed at that haha, especially after seeing what Candyce got me! There was so much delay with mail this December, its insane. We wanted to do these boxes right before Christmas but had to wait until New Years Eve. And Candyce is still waiting for two more items, I don’t know what they are exactly yet. So that remains a surprise, Candyce did tell me one is a book sleeve (IIIIEEEEE!) but I already forgot what the other item was, oops! Let’s take a look what wonderful things she got me,

The first thing I opened was this amazing ‘Jughead’ candle. I’m a massive Riverdale fan and Jughead is my favorite character so this is the perfect candle for me <3. The smell is also wonderful, it reminds me of pink chewing gum haha.

Next is a super cute ‘Kell’ lipbalm. Kell is my favorite Darker Shades of Magic character and I’ve started to collect quite the fandom related items by now. I immediately used this lip balm and I love it.

And there are the super adorable ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ magnetic bookmarks. So funny we got each other the same item haha. These bookmarks are so cute and I’m super happy I can add these to my collection. I really love this bookmark shop and can’t wait to get more of her bookmarks.

And then my possibly favorite item! This ‘Loki – Master of Mischief’ t-shirt. I’m super super super happy with this one and can’t wait to wear it. Loki is my favorite Marvel character and I’m so grateful Candyce got me this shirt. I also love that it’s Black and Grey, that makes it super wearable.

Candyce managed to get me the books on my wishlist that I probably wanted THE MOST. I’m so incredibly excited for all of these and had to restrain myself from reading them right then and there haha. Also, look how gorgeous these look together <3 I have heard nothing but good things about all of these. Fence will probably be one of my first reads of 2019, I will definitely read it in January. Nevernight might have to wait a little longer, this seems to be a series you want to binge read haha. And The Poppy War will be read pretty soon as well, I’m so excited for this one! I’m just a little bit afraid that my expectations will be to high haha.

We both were able to add some amazing things to our collections! Did you receive any bookish goodies over the holidays? We definitely want to see if you have.

6 thoughts on “Unboxing | Christmas Surprise Boxes

  1. Ahh you both put together amazing boxes for one another! 

@Candyce, Isa showed me the stickers she bought you and I was so stoked for you to receive them! But the candle is so awesome as well! The pin and magnetic bookmarks are so cute!! And those books look really amazing. Heard great things about the Jessica Townsend books and the other one looks fun! Isn’t that author the actor that played in How I met your mother? That’s so funny because there’s another How I met your mother actor who started writing books haha; Jason Segel!

    @Isa, haha a jughead candle. You must be over the moon happy with that xD The kell lip balm looks awesome in that tin! And that magnetic bookmark set of Lara Jean and Peter is so frigging cute! And omfgggg that T-shirt!!! That’s frigging perfection! And you got three awesome books! Fence and Poppy War are on my wishlist as well!

    I received quite some bookish/fandom goodies this Christmas; some from friends and some from my husband! There’s too much to list down though haha. I’m still debating on whether or not I should write a post on it.
    Melissa’s fandom world recently posted…[WWW WEDNESDAY] #7My Profile

    1. Thank you! And YES, definitely write a blog post about it 😀
      Funny you should mention Jason Segel, we bought his book last year (actually 2017) for a buddyread and we’re planning on FINALLY reading it this month haha.

  2. These are lovely items to have in a surprise box! I hope the putting together was as much fun as the unboxing!

    1. Thank you! We had so much fun putting these together <3

    1. That’s awesome!! It’s always nice when husbands follow the list ;).
      Hope you enjoy all the books you received!

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