Review| Abi and the Boy Next Door – Kelsie Stelting

Earlier last year I was approached by Kelsie Stelting if I wanted to read and review a book for her. I loved her story and had to say yes when she asked again! Her books Becoming Skye and Loving Skye were really good.

Kelsie Stelting is back with a new release, Abi and the Boy Next Door! I was so excited to see what she wrote next. Keep reading to find out what I thought of this book!

It’s the first day at my new school and I already have a wide load sticker on my back.

But this is still better than life was before. Before I was taken away from my parents. Before I moved in with my grandma.

Before I met Jon Scoller.

He’s cute, he lives down the street, but the guy asks way too many questions. Questions about a past I’d rather forget.

And I am not his type. He needs to be with a cheerleader. A perfect girl. Someone who doesn’t look like the before picture for a weight loss shake.

Jon makes me feel like I’m more than a number on the scale, but I’m starting to wonder: does he feel the same way or does he just feel sorry for me?

Fans of Sierra Burgess is a Loser, Dumplin’, and Sugar will love this heartfelt YA romance with diverse characters, a ride or die group of friends, and a teenage girl who’s still figuring it all out. Download Abi and the Boy Next Door today.


What I love about Kelsie’s books is that she isn’t afraid to approach and write about some pretty hard subjects. She doesn’t write your typical fluffy contemporary stories, but stories that really make you think.

Abi’s life has never been easy, but things got worse after her Dad was injured at his job. Things got physical and her whole world was turned upside down. Moving to live with your grandmother halfway through senior year wasn’t what Abi was imagining, but anything is better than hoe her life was.

It’s clear from the start that Abi isn’t happy with her body and doesn’t think anyone will ever like her. Years of hearing you’re not good enough no matter what you isn’t the best thing for your self esteem. Abi needs a change and starts working out. I thought this was a really good thing, but at times I think she was going pretty far. I was actually afraid at times things were going to go very wrong. I think it would’ve been nice if her grandmother or even one of her friends maybe mentioned this during the story.

When your life is turned upside down, things can be difficult, so when she meets Jon, she doesn’t really trust that he is sincere. There’s a definite crush there and I guess it’s just nice to see someone be sweet to her while she is learning to love herself.

I loved that she was welcomed in a group of friends at school who really wanted to be there for her. Not everyone knew her secret, but she eventually confides in a few of them. Even a teacher who’s really in her corner to help her get things going. Add a grandmother who may be a bit quiet, but definitely cares.

Abi has a hard time accepting people really love her for her and want to be around her. I love how she slowly realizes that she’s worth all of the love. Yes, there’s some romance in this story that may have taken over a lot of this story, but for me the ending mattered the most. Abi coming to terms with who she is and that her past doesn’t determine her future.

Abi will still have a long road to go to deal with everything that happened to her, but she’s come to realize she has a great support system that really loves her. I would love a book about Abi a few years later to see how she’s doing!

Yet another book by this author that I couldn’t put down. I am really excited to see what she does next. Kelsie Stelting really writes books that make you feel! I am always impressed when an author manages to do that!

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