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Thursdays mean book tags! There are so many fun tags out there to do, and every week I see a couple of more I want to do at some point. Today I’ve got the No Disclaimers Book tag for you guys. I first came across this one at Emily’s booktube channel, but saw that a lot of my favorite booktubers did it this year. Let’s get into the No Disclaimers Book Tag!

1 Which trope (or tropes) in books, annoy you the most?

One of my most hated, and possible THE most hated trope in books is insta love. That can make me insta dislike the book. I don’t really like a focus on romance in general, it’s okay as a side plot but it needs to stay a small portion of the story. And when that romance is a case of insta love, it’s a NO from me haha. I just don’t buy it, sure I’ve experience insta attraction, but the ‘I would die for you’-love some of these YA characters seem to have? No way.

2 Which writer or writers do you feel are overrated/overhyped?

This is a pretty hard one! The only one that comes to mind is Holly Black but that’s not completely fair as I’ve read hardly any of her stuff. And definitely not the books that are causing the hype at the moment. Still, its the only writer I can think off. Well, maybe John Green as well. His books are pretty decent but not earth shattering as some people like to pretend.

3 What are your least favorite books you’ve read, since joining the book community?

A beloved book I really didn’t like was Night Film by Marisha Pessl. So many people seem to love this one and I had high hopes for it as well. I had this one on my wishlist for so long and I finally bought it and read it. Unfortunately I didn’t like it, it was waaaaaaay too long and the ending left me feeling so unsatisfied.

4 A terrible ending, that ruined an otherwise quality book?

I had to scroll through my Goodreads for a bit, but I think the ending of One of Us is Lying was so disappointing! The story itself was pretty enjoyable with good character development. But the way the mystery wrapped up was just so stupid and underwhelming. Really the easy way out of the story unfortunately. I will pick up the authors next book though, hopefully that has a better ending.

5 Which fictional character(s) do you wish were not killed off?

There is a death at the end of Lord of Shadows and I honestly wish that person wasn’t killed off but I do also see that it was a good move story wist haha. And I hate that Weasley death in the last Harry Potter, one of my favorite characters in the whole series, and while most deaths in the series are very symbolic and somewhat necessary, this one is just plain cruel!

6 What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

I had to think about this one for awhile but I think my biggest is stickers on book covers. There is usually no good way to get them off and I hate the look of them. Why do people in the book industry do this? They must know we all this!

7 What are some books you feel should have more recognition?

Aaaah so many! The two main ones are The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven, both Candyce and I talk about this one quite a lot haha. All I can say, an important story with a lot of humor in it. You won’t regret picking it up <3 And The Infernal Guard Series by S.G.D. Singh. Candyce and I received ebooks to review for this whole trilogy and read all three books in no time. A wonderful urban fantasy series, with mythology you don’t see that often.

And that was the tag for today! It was pretty fun to do and not too bad I think! Which writer do you think is overhyped or overrated? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Tag | No Disclaimers Book Tag

  1. Loved reading your answers! holly Black is definitely an overrated author to me. I disliked the Cruel Prince so much but I’ve also started some of her other faeries books and I wasn’t all that impressed with those either so I really don’t get her being called the Queen of Faeries because I’ve read better books focusing on them hihi. I also think Rainbow Rowell is overrated but a lot of people seem to love her work a lot haha. What I’ve read so far – E&P and Fangirl – wasn’t all that impressive to me so I’m not really planning on reading other work by this author hihi.

    And omg stickers on books are the worst. And I especially hate it when they don’t use stickers but they print them In the cover, like with my hardcover copy of Scythe. They put a ‘sticker’ on the cover, right in the middle… and you can’t take it off because it’s printed into the cover. That’s so frigging annoying. It destroys the entire good look of the cover, ugh.

    1. AAAAH Yes those ‘stickers’ are the absolute worst! I just don’t understand why publishers do that? I mean, they’re book people as well right? Do they want stickers like that on their books? I don’t think so! So don’t do that to us either!

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