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For the past few years, a friend of ours Kwante from Kwante in Wonderland, has hosted a Secret Santa for readers here in The Netherlands and Belgium. Since she started, we’ve both participated, so of course we had to this year as well.

Today we want to show you what we got from our Secret Santas!


Preparing for Secret Santa is something we started doing a few months ago. It’s weird, I can normally think of tons of books I want until I need to make a wishlist. Eventually I was able to and think of fandoms I wouldn’t mind some goodies from. Opening the box and seeing what you get is always really exciting. Even though making a box for someone is even more fun than receiving one!

To start things off I got a lot of bookish promotion material, such as bookmarks and little booklets. I didn’t include those in this picture, because it was so much it was hard to fit together to take a nice picture. On top of that I got some cute cards/postcards.

The next few things I unwrapped were some goodies! I got a set of four candles for A Court of Thorns and Roses. Each book has a candle and they all smell really good. I have quite the collection from Romemade Candles and they haven’t disappointed me! The little stars up front are little wax melts I think (to be honest I don’t know for sure).

Next is a mirror with a quote from the same series. So pretty! I also got a Hedwig bookmark. I loved Hedwig! And last is what I think is a Harry Potter soap?

In my box I alsoย  found a bag of chocolate covered nuts. Chocolate is always good!! And what it’s really all about, the books! Spellsinger is a book I’ve heard amazing things about. The whole series really, I believe there are four books now. This one has really pretty red edges!

Bright We Burn is the third book in The Conqueror’s Saga. So now I can read all three back to back. I wasn’t smart though, I forgot to add what edition of the book I wanted. So now this one doesn’t match the other two! Oh well, as long as I can read them, haha.

All in all, it was a cute box. If I’m honest I’ve had boxes that were more fun, but I’m definitely going to enjoy the books that I got! The candles and mirror already have a spot on my shelves!


I love doing Secret Santa hosted by Kwante so so much, it’s a lot of fun buying gifts for people. And it’s even more fun when you know that person, that’s why Candyce and I decided to make each other boxes as well. This year I had one of our other friends for Secret Santa so I got her some things I just knew she would love. When I opened my own box I was already excited by what I saw.

The box I received was Harry Potter/Ravenclaw inspired and I loved that so much. You can never have enough Harry Potter things, so just obviously made me very happy. Even the Christmas card was Harry Potter themed!

I got some Christmas decoration and candy canes (that I already devoured haha). There was a Mischief Managed Christmas ornament (LOVE!) that goes well with another one I already own. I got a Ravenclaw notebook and pencil. And you can never have enough of those! I also got a Ravenclaw key chain.

Next up was some Ravenclaw inspired loose tea, and as a tea-lover that was a perfect gift. Next up is one of my favorite items in this box, a Ravenclaw inspired lip balm by Behind the Pages. Their products are wonderful and I’ve gotten quite a little collection by now. And then we have my other favorite item! A homemade Ravenclaw/Hedwig book sleeve that is gorgeous. I love it so so much, especially the fact that someone took the time to make this for me <3

And of course I got two books as well. The first one is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, a book that has been on so many wishlists of mine haha. So happy I finally got it now. And the other one is A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews. I love her blog and can’t wait to support her as an author. Even though I’m not the biggest contemporary reader I have pretty high hopes for her book.

We both can’t wait to participate in Secret Santa next year! Kwante did another amazing job organizing everything. There is so much work behind the scenes! Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa? Did you enjoy it?

8 thoughts on “Unboxing | Secret Santa

    1. Thank you! We definitely did get spoiled. Hopefully we’ll be reading these books this year ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you! It’s a really fun Dutch based Secret Santa!

    1. Thank you! We’re both quite happy with them ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. I love that Hedwig book sleeve <3 It is so cute and I can’t believe is homemade that makes it so much better!!

    1. I totally agree! Love the effort that they put into it and it’s so cute <3

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