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Just 10 days before the end of the year! Earlier this month we shared our reading goals for 2019. For now its time to take a look at our reading goals for 2018, did we manage to meet them all? We did an update halfway through the year, we were on schedule with some of our goals and completely failing a couple of others… Let’s see how we did in our reading goals 2018 end of year update!


Goodreads I’ve had an amazing reading year!! I really think this blog has helped me into a better reading flow. As I’m typing this I’ve read 237 books. My goal was 160, so I think I made it. I also count novellas and short stories, but I always have. If you look at this I read an average of 19 books a month!

Physical TBR Okay, this one is really sad! I’ve read plenty of physical books I bought this year, but only 5 that were on my shelf before January 1st. My goal was 50, so I am nowehere close to completing this goal! My physical TBR did grow this year, so I have to work on this!

Unfinished Series I finished a total of 15 series as I’m reading this, so I definitely met my goal of one series every month. This year I included series I started this year as well. I will have to see if I continue using this goal that way next year or not.

Classics Isabelle and I were really excited about this one and even had a list of the four we wanted to read. We failed miserably though. I actually forgot about this goal and didn’t even buy one of the classics we wanted to read. I think we’re going to let this one go for awhile!

Popsugar Reading Challenge I never participated in this challenge. I think I kind of knew I wasn’t planning on it, because in the original post I even stated I wasn’t sure if I would. The Popsugar Reading Challenge just has a lot of things on it, I don’t really think will interest me! Who knows, maybe in the future?


Goodreads I’ve never read this many books in a year! My goal was to read a 100 books and I smashed that goal. I’m so so happy about this! When I’m writing this, I read 150 books with an average of 13 books per month. These also included graphic novels and novella’s but I’ve always counted those towards my goal.

Physical TBR Unfortunately this goal was just too challenging haha. I’m a bit ashamed to say this but my TBR only grew and when I’m writing this, I only read 15 books I owned before 2018. So I kinda doubled what I read in the first half year, but I was really hoping for more. I will be trying again next year!

Unfinished Series I only finished 6 series unfortunately. While this doesn’t completely count, I also caught up on 6 other series. So that would make 12, but to be honest, it still feels like I failed this one. For next year, I set myself the same goal, as I will try it again. I have a feeling I’m going to do better next year, so I have pretty high hopes.

Classics oops… Do we even have to talk about this goal? I didn’t read one classic this year and there wasn’t even one moment where I felt like picking one up. So I’m not making this a goal next year, maybe somewhere in the future.

Comics This is another one I smashed! The goal was to read 12 comics/graphic novels, one each month. I read 24 so that’s double. And I also read 9 manga which I would’ve counted towards this goal as well. So happy with this, I’m not making git a goal for next year because I know I’ll keep this up anyway.

Subscription boxes books Well there we have another oops… My goal was to have 10 unread subscription box books at the end of the year.. I wrote a bookish item about this not too long ago and you can see there that this was a big failure. Since I did cancel my Fairyloot subscription, this isn’t getting any more out of hand, but I do still have 24 unread books.

Non-fiction books I set myself the goal of reading 4 non-fiction books and thought that would be pretty challenging. Luckily I discovered audiobooks! I managed to read 5 non-fiction books and they were all audiobooks. If it wasn’t for audiobooks I don’t think I would’ve been able to meet this goal.

So those were our 2018 reading goals and what we made of this reading year. Do you set yourself reading goals? And did you meet all of them? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Reading Goals 2018 End of Year Update

  1. hahaha it’s kind of evil but it’s kind of funny as well seeing how all of us readers fail so bad at some of those challenges, lol. I like seeing how much alike we all are when it comes to things like ‘tackling tbr’s’ and such. It is motivating to have such goal lists though, so I hope you get around to complete your goals in 2019!

    1. It’s definitely motivating, but always nice to know we’re not the only ones who fail! Haha. Hopefully we all have an amazing reading year next year.

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