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Earlier today we posted our top 18 new releases of 2018, but after reading over 200 books it was impossible for me to choose just 18. That’s when I looked at the list of books I read and noticed that besides YA, I read A LOT of romance (I counted and it’s over 100 books!). So besides our earlier post, I’m also sharing my top 18 romance books of 2018!

18. Arrogant Devil – R.S. Grey
5 stars

R.S. Grey is one of my favorite authors when it comes to romantic comedies. Arrogant Devil was a lot of fun. Her books always have me laughing out loud and leave me happy at the end. I haven’t read a book yet that this author has written that I didn’t love!

17. A Change of Pace – Freya Barker
5 stars

Freya Barker writes about characters who are a bit older than I am, but I always find her stories interesting. In A Change of Pace, a father gives up a lot when he sees his daughter struggling. I loved this one, because a lot of the times a character’s children kind of get forgotten. On top of that, the love story with the woman he meets in their new town is so sweet. And there is no drama, everything just goes naturally.

16. Boy Toy – Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby
5 stars

I’m a little late to this series, but I jumped on with this newest release. Boy Toy was so much fun. This book had me laughing out loud!! I loved the characters and connected to them immediately! I also loved seeing a story where they showed the realistic side of being a single mom, I think it showed how strong the main character is!

15. Hero – Lauren Rowe
5 stars

Hero started off so intense! This story is really heartbreaking in many ways. Both characters are stronger than they realize they are and so generous. Hero was my first firefighter romance! This author created a book with lots of emotion, romance and humor. I really need to read the rest of this series.

14. Every Breath You Take – Faith Andrews
5 stars

Every Breath You Take is the first book in a duology and I connected with the main character right from the start. I had a feeling certain characters wouldn’t turn out completely as they seemed, but when things were heading back to normal, she surprises you and gives you a twist you don’t see coming! This book definitely made you want the sequel immediately!

13. The Left Side of Perfect – Meghan Quinn
5 stars

The Left Side of Perfect is the first in this duet and I loved them both!! I read a duet before this one and one of the characters was treated in a way I didn’t agree with. In this duet he gets his story, but it’s SO intense!! There are so many emotions in this story along with a lot of humor. I couldn’t put it down!

12. The Prince – Jennifer L. Armentrout
5 stars

This is actually a novella in the Wicked trilogy. When I read about it, I expected a fluffy romance type of idea. I was SO wrong!! The Prince is such an intense story and the almost 200 pages we got wasn’t enough! I’m so excited that there is going to be another novella next year!

11. An Imperfect Heart – Amie Knight
5 stars

Amie Knight is an author who writes such emotional books. In An Imperfect Heart two characters that least expect it end up running into each other for a pretty heartbreaking reason. While trying to figure everything out, feelings rise and they explore their love. It’s a beautiful story that had me in tears a lot while reading!

10. The Wright Secret – K.A. Linde
4.5 stars

We all know that a brother’s best friend is off limits to his sister, but sometimes you just can’t help who you love. Their secret romance is pretty intense, but they both realize they can’t hide forever. Another thing I loved about this story was that for once the female character was the really succesful business woman. She was going to run a company and knew what she was doing. It’s nice seeing a woman in charge!

9. Frat Hell & Clean Start – S.M. Shade
5 stars

This author is amazing in writing stories about characters who live in a neighborhood where things you can’t even imagine seem to happen. There are so many funny moments and it really has you laughing out loud! The romance is really just the icing on the cake, because everything that happens is just so much fun!

8. Fixing Her & Fixing Him – Miranda Elaine
5 stars

Fixing Her was the debut book by this author and if I didn’t know that was the case, it was something I never would’ve expected. Miranda has such a way with words that keep you hooked from the start and makes you love the characters. Of course, there’s some humor, but also a lot of romance and some humor. Her books really give you all the feels!

7. Kate – Jennifer Hanks
5 stars

I actually read this book rather recently. In a Facebook group I stumbled upon this author and I’m happy I did. Kate had me hooked from the start. I think my favorite element, besides the romance was the DiMarco family. They’re a family you really want to belong to!

6. Pixie Cut & Eight Cozy Nights – Julia Wolf
5 stars

To be honest, I love the whole Sublime series, but these two are my favorite. Even though I say that each time this author released a new book in the series. Eight Cozy Nights is a novella, but one of the main characters appears in Pixie Cut. Julia writes amazing romances with lots of humor. There isn’t a lot of angst and I love the nerdy references we read in these books.

5. All We Want – J. Daniels
5 stars

All of J. Daniels’ fans have been patiently awaiting the next Alabama Summer book, so we were all shocked when she released a surprise novella. Luke & Tessa (from a previous book), want a baby, but it’s not going as smoothly as hoped. This is such an emotional book that will have you in tears, but so beautiful!

4. To Fall For Winter, Last Chance to Fall & Hope to Fall – Kelsey Kingsley
5 stars

I’ve become a big fan of the Kinney brothers and couldn’t just choose one of the books. You can’t help but fall in love with these brothers and family. They’re all so different, but they just all have that special something. My only complaint is that I need more!!

3. Bumps Along the Way – Taylor Danae Colbert
5 stars

After reading this emotional rollercoaster, you wouldn’t say that this author has only written two books! I have to be honest and say it’s not really a romance book, but it has a few elements. Bumps Along the Way is just so beautiful I just had to add it to my list! If you’re looking for a book with strong women, an amazing friendship and a touch of romance, this book is for you!

2. Daisies & Devin – Kelsey Kingsley
5 stars

Daisies & Devin really isn’t a book you can describe, but that you just have to read. This book is so beautifully written! These characters are just so unique and intense and you just want to see them have a happily ever after. And they have a cat, I love cats!

1. Tuesdays at 6 – K.J. Lewis
5 stars

I’m actually really surprised this is my number one book, because it was the FIRST book I read at the beginning of the year! I still think of it frquently and just loved this story so much, I had to put it on the top of my list. I’m still so touched that this story reflects that family isn’t always blood. And how touching it is someone sacrifices so much of their life to take care of their best friend’s children.


I read a lot of other amazing romance books this year, but these are my favorites! Did you read any amazing romance books this year? I would love to hear about them.

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    1. I think there are a lot on this list that you will love!!

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