Wishlist Wednesday | Holiday Reads

For today’s Wishlist Wednesday we’re looking at Holiday Reads. Its the season for it and we haven’t read nearly enough Christmas reads. Last year we shared some Christmas reads on our wishlist as well so definitely check that one out. But for now, let’s take a look at some holiday reads we want to get.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares – Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Candyce already read and enjoyed this one and I would love to add it to my collection. This sounds like such a cute and wonderful book and one that’s perfect for the holiday season.

What Light – Jay Asher

Another one that Candyce already read haha. I enjoyed thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher so I hope I will enjoy this one as much. This story takes place in part on a Christmas tree farm and I can honestly say I have never read anything like that. Just thinking about that setting makes me so excited!

The Chaos of Standing Still – Jessica Brody

Hailey from HaileyinBookland has been talking about this one a couple of times during Bookmas already and she has peaked my interest. This book takes place during New Years Eve on an airport and that alone has me intrigued. But we also have an unread message from a dead best friend and an accidental phone swap. It sounds like both a heartbreaking and a heartwarming story.

French Kissmas – Catherine Hapka

Christmas in Paris sounds very romantic and of course the main character just happens to fall in love while there. I’m sure there will be some drama in this story, but I think I will get the happily ever after I love in stories like this!

Love & Other Train Wrecks – Leah Konen

This book isn’t really about Christmas, but being on a train together during a snow storm sounds like the type of book that I need this time of year! Of course being stuck together while trying to get where they need to be, they discover a lot about themselves and the other. This sounds like a perfect book for a snowy day!

Together at Midnight – Jennifer Castle

Both main characters have been through things this holiday season and an act of random kindness brings them together. I’m curious to see how these characters grow together and process how they feel. I know something will grow between them, but I think Together at Midnight will be a beautiful story!


These are some of the holiday reads we would love to add to our collection. Sometimes you just need these types of books and we are totally in the mood for all things Christmas! What are some of your favorite holiday reads? Let us know in the comments!

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