Mini Reviews | Ghosts of the Shadow Market #1-#3 – Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is back with some short stories in her Shadowhunter world. Starting in April 2018, a short story will be published every month. If I read correctly two more stories will be added when all the stories are bundled in one book and published in Ghosts of the Shadow Market. I debated on waiting for the whole book to be published, but I decided I wanted to be back in the world, even for a bit. Getting ready for the release of Queen of Air and Darkness got us reading. I’ll be reviewing the first three and in the next couple of days, Isabelle is reviewing the other stories that have already been published

36408043Son of the Dawn – Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan I love diving back in to this world. Jem is a favorite character, so I never mind reading more about him. There were a lot of memories referring to The Infernal Devices and the carving in his staff, was just so sweet.
It was nice to read a bit more before Jace came to live with Alec and Isabelle. Reading how she felt and how it all happened was really interesting. The bonus story at the end was really cute, haha. I don’t think they will go back to that café for awhile.

“Consider that by trying to cut yourself off from the possibility of being hurt, you shut the door on love and live in the darkness.”

Cast Long Shadows – Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan Charlotte and Henry were such fun characters in TID and I was excited to read more about their son, Matthew. He’s sweet and innocent and seems to follow the ones who are important to him. His parabatai had to leave school, so he made sure he did as well! Matthew seems sensitive and when he feels something is going on, he’s determined to try and figure it out. Brother Zachariah tries to warn and guide him, but Matthew has to learn the hard lesson on his own.

I love that we see how Charlotte and Henry were after TID and how Jem still played a part of the family! This take of The Shadow Market is really interesting. After reading about it in The Dark Artifices, I’ve become very curious. I’m not excited for The Last Hours.

“Later Matthew would look back and remember it as his last happy day”

Every Exquistie Thing – Cassandra Clare & Maureen Johnson While I loved reading about Anna, I have to say this story didn’t really add much to the rest of this world for me. I felt really bad that her love story didn’t go as she hoped and that she couldn’t always be herself in the time she lived in! I believe that everyone should be able to be themselves, so that was hard to read.

On the other hand, I liked Jem’s role in this story. Since reading The Infernal Devices I’ve always been interested in Tessa’s background. This gave a bit more insight and was rather interesting. Hopefully that’s explored in another series. I can’t imagine that Tessa’s children had it easy when that side of Tessa showed itself.

“Someday, the lady would not be imaginary. The clothes would not be borrowed and ill-fitting. Someday she would stride down the street and women would fall at her feet (not failing to notice the perfectly polished brogues) and men would tip their hats to a lady-killer more accomplished than they.”


I love how it’s clear these novellas give us a little set up for later storylines and even series Cassandra Clare plans on writing. I definitely need to continue reading this novellas soon!

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