TTT #55 | Best Platonic Relationships in Books

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since last January Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt is platonic relationships in books. I live for platonic relationships and wish those were the focus more often. While it’s fun to read about epic loves it does get tiring some times. But reading about platonic relationships never ever tires me, especially amazing friendships. Especially in YA, it seems like friendships get forgotten sometimes. When the heroine goes off and saves the world, the best friend is left behind. But not today! Let’s take a look at some of my favorite platonic relationships in books.

1. Iseult & Safi – Truthwitch

Truthwitch was pitched as a friendship book and it definitely is! I enjoyed the friendship between Iseult and Safi so much. The whole idea of Threadsisters is so cool and I truly wish that was real life. Iseult and Safi really complement each other and I hope we get see more of them together in Bloodwitch.

2. The Raven Boys

I love all the dynamics in the Raven Boys cycle. There are some great romances but just as amazing are the platonic relationships. I love the friendship between Gansey, Ronan, Noah and Adam. Add Blue and you’ve got a diverse and wonderful friend group. But we not only get amazing friends, we also got the whole psychic family that has some interesting dynamics. All in all, if you’re in the mood for platonic relationships. The Raven Cycle is the series to pick up.

3.Karou & Zuzana – Daughter of Smoke & Bone

One of the aspects I loved most about Daughter of Smoke and Bone was the friendship between Karou and Zuzana and the fact that we kept seeing them together. In a lot of books the best friend kinda disappears but not in this series. Zuzana doesn’t let herself be left behind and sticks with Karou. I really need to read the last book in this wonderful series.

4. Sophie & Agatha – The School for Good and Evil

Middle grade books are always great for friendships and The School for Good and Evil is possibly my favorite MG series out there. The friendship between Sophie and Agatha isn’t perfect by any means possible but they grow together. Especially Sophie grows throughout the whole series so much. There are many important messages in this wonderful fantasy series, can’t wait to continue with the new books coming out.

5. Will Herondale & Jem Carstairs – The Infernal Devices

Such tragic characters! But oh how wonderful they are together. I love these parabatais so much (especially Jem, please someone get me a Jem). Will and Jem clearly needed each other and I love how they helped each other. In one of the Ghosts of the Shadowmarket novellas we get a wonderful scene between the two of them and I loved it.

6. Agnieszka & Kasia – Uprooted

Uprooted is an absolute favorite of mine and one of the things I loved was the friendship between Agnieszka and Kasia. Kasia is supposed to be the one to get picked by the dragon, but Agnieszka ends up being taken. While both their worlds are upside down, they don’t blame the other (that much) and are there for each other. I’m still sad Spinning Silver is a companion novel and not a sequel, I would’ve loved to read more about these two ladies. They’ve been through quite a lot!

7. Cassidy & Jacob – City of Ghosts

Another Middle Grade, another amazing friendship. I’m telling you, if you want friendships, you need to start reading MG stories. YA could learn from them! Cassidy and Jacob are very cute best friends and I loved their ‘rules’. They also grow together and I’m really excited to see more of them in the coming Cassidy Blake book(s).

8. Jules & Arsinoe – Three Dark Crowns

Hopefully you all know how much I love the Three Dark Crowns series, and that Arsinoe will forever be my favorite Queen no matter what. Jules is an interesting character and I have always loved her and Arsinoe’s sisterhood/friendship. They are great together and Jules kept Arsinoe hopeful, and even when neither of them believed in a good outcome they kept fighting for the other.

9. Izzy & Ajita – The Exact Opposite of Okay

Candyce and I talk about this book SO MUCH, haha. But we simply love it and think it has super important messages. What I loved most about the friendship between Izzy and Ajita is the fact that Ajita got her own story and problems going on, but she was still there for Izzy. Their friendship only. grew stronger and I’m excited for the sequel.

10. Sawyer, Lilly & Sadie Grace – Little White Lies

These characters come from one of my most recent beloved reads, Little White Lies. There is a mix of familial and friend relationships, and a mix of not so great, decent, and wonderful ones. Romantic relationships really weren’t the focus of the story, especially not for our main character. I do think that might change in the next book but for now we got to read about all these wonderful platonic relationships. Sawyer, Lilly and Sadie Grace were so supportive of each other and grew strong together very quickly. I loved how they stuck together no matter what.

These are 10 of my favorite platonic relationships in books, and I think all of them are friendships haha. Please tell me about your favorites in the comments down below!

3 thoughts on “TTT #55 | Best Platonic Relationships in Books

  1. I’m not familiar with most of these characters but the ones I do know of this list, are to be found in my own as well haha! Will & Jem got a place in my lost of course and how could I not include Zuzana & Karou. Those two are so awesome together. Love their friendship. Can’t wait to find out more about the friendships in the Raven cycle books and the ones in the School for good and evil!

    1. I loved thinking about all these amazing friendships <333

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