Show Sunday | The Last Ship – Season 5

One of my favorite summer shows is The Last Ship, and the fifth and final season just concluded. So obviously I wanted to talk to you all about this wonderful tv show that I will dearly miss. Today I will focus on the final season and my thoughts about it.

The Last Ship is about the crew of a naval destroyer. After they come back from a mission where they were cut-off from the world, they find out that most of Earth’s population has been killed by a virus. The first season is all about finding a cure while this last season has completely new challenges for our favorite crew.

Without giving away spoilers (or at least I hope so), this last season has our crew facing most of South America. Our favorite characters have been through so much and the world is still not done with them. You can clearly tell they have been through hell and back multiple times. I think that part was extremely well done. Our favorite characters really suffered at the hands of war.

Nothing’s impossible, not if you have the will, the courage, and a good plan.

The stakes in this last season weren’t as big for the whole world in my opinion, but for the characters themselves the stakes proved to be extremely high. No one was save and unfortunately not every one made it to the last episode alive. I hate losing loved characters but it does make the show more realistic. With war going on around everyone I would’ve hated it if everyone made it out alive. I did cry quite a bit during this last season haha.

I was a bit annoyed by the time jumps between episodes in this season. There are months between some of the episodes and while I get that they were planning and training during those time gaps I felt a bit lost at times. It wasn’t always extremely clear what was going on, and I was wondering if I missed an episode a couple of times.

All in all this wasn’t my favorite season, since we got less ‘ship time’ en because of the time jumps. However, I did still really enjoy the episodes and think this is such an underrated show! The characters are absolutely amazing and the storytelling is great. I would highly recommend this show.

Have you watched The Last Ship? What did you think of the last season? Let me know in the comments!

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