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As you all hopefully know by now, we love watching tv shows, a little bit too much sometimes haha. Peaky Blinders is a show I was always mildly interested in, I heard a lot of good things about it so I planned on watching it some day. And that day was this summer, after I came back from London. I was in the mood and watched the first two episodes. Did I like it? And did I watch the rest? Keep on reading to find out!

Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham and when we start the show it’s 1919. We follow a gangster family, with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) at its head.

This was basically all I knew when I started watching Peaky Blinders. And after about 5 days, I had bingewatched all 4 seasons, haha. I think that makes it pretty clear that I was hooked right away! Every free hour was spend watching the Shelbys and for 5 days I slept very little.  I didn’t watch any other shows because I was obsessed with Peaky Blinders and I had to know what happened next.


Peaky Blinders reminded me of Sons of Anarchy, another favorite show that I binge watched in no time! Both shows start with a pretty small problem in the first show. But when one problem is solved, a new and bigger problem arises. The stakes are higher in every season and there were a couple of moments where I was sure the characters wouldn’t walk away with their lives.

I’m always fascinated by these kind of shows where we root for the ‘bad’ guys. They easily weasel their way into my heart and I become very passionate about their well-being. I loved seeing the growth in these characters as well, they start out as pretty unlikeable characters but I can’t imagine that feeling doesn’t change after a couple of seasons.

More characters are added each season as well, although you possibly lose a couple of favorites too 😉 I don’t think I could pick one favorite character to be honest. It is probably a toss up between Polly, Michael, and Tommy. There are strong women, very attractive guys, cunning and intelligent characters, so much to love! As I said, I couldn’t stop watching and while the plot definitely makes it bingeworthy, in the end it’s the characters that made me fall in love with this show.

As of now, there is no date for the fifth season, but it has been announced that there will be one. And possibly a movie as well. The ending of the fourth season left me craving the next season so badly and I’m pretty happy I waited this long haha. I might watch everything before the new season is released because I don’t think I’ll be able to not see these characters for so long after finally having met them. If you love shows like Sons of Anarchy and Prison Break I would highly recommend this show!

Have you seen Peaky Blinders? What did you think? And who’s your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Het is echt geweldig! Weet zeker dat jij hem ook in no time helemaal afkijkt <3

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