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If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you know I have loved the books in the Sublime series by this author. I have read and reviewed: Cut Short (which I read before the blog), Cut Loose and Cut Free. Last month the final book in the series, Pixie Cut, was released. I keep saying that every book is my favorite and I have to say that about this one as well.

She’s a busy lawyer whose life has just been flipped upside down. He’s an ex-soldier whose heart has just been broken. They’re perfect strangers, and now they’re roommates too.

Sometimes I’m a hot mess. There’s no debating that. But I’m trying to get my life together, starting with my fixer upper house.

How did I end up with a tall, devilishly handsome Israeli roommate? I couldn’t actually tell you. Avi steamrolled into my life, and I kind of liked it.

He’s a flirt, but we have a contract and rule number one is no sex. Which is a good thing, because as attractive as he is, he’s just putting his broken heart back together, and I’m not looking to be his rebound.

Only it seems our contract isn’t worth the pink highlighter and paper it’s written on since Avi’s never met a rule he didn’t want to break.


I have said this every book so far, but every book keeps getting better. I love all the characters in every book, but this author knows how to write relationships!
Laurel is a character we already met in previous book, as Frannie’s roommate she’s made many appearances. I liked her a lot, so I was very excited she was getting her own book.
Laurel is a lawyer that’s always working, that’s how it seems in the other books anyways and she is starting a new job and brought a brand new house. Something happened at her last job. I related to Laurel, because she’s a geek and not ashamed of it. All of the Marvel references were so much fun in this book!
Avi is a character we’ve never met before, but Laurel meets him when she stops by her friends’ salon and needs a haircut. He has a strong personality and tells us what’s on his mind. He doesn’t think before he speaks. Normally I don’t appreciate characters like that, but Avi is charming. Avi has been through some stuff and it’s clear he’s still working through it.
Avi basically invites himself to live with Laurel and help her fix up the house. Laurel and Avi together is very interesting! I loved the connection that’s instantly there between them. Laurel tries so hard to fight it, but she just can’t ignore it!
Laurel learns that she doesn’t have to try and look important or smart, but that she is those things all on her own. She is finally able to let herself love someone and be loved in return. Laurel finally realizes she deserves to be happy. Avi learns how to trust women again after his previous experiences. He’s a family man and adding Laurel to the mix is the only thing he wants now.
Pixie Cut is filled with a lot of humor, romance and many sweet loving moments. If you’ve read the previous books, we get a glimpse in all of the other characters’ lives and how they’re doing. I think that’s my favorite thing about this series. Even though all of the books can be read seperately, but this is the most I’ve ever read about the previous characters in the following books.
Pixie Cut left me with a smile on my face and feeling very happy! The epilogue in this book was everything I wished for.

I am sad to see this series end, but thankful there will be a novella releasing this month that apparently has some appearances from characters we know and love!

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