Review| Hope to Fall – Kelsey Kingsley

At the beginning of this week, this author surprised her readers with Hope to Fall, the next book in the Kinney Brothers series. I was lucky enough to get an ARC and knew everyone would be in for a great surprise. I even read this book in one sitting!

If you want to know more about Hope to Fall and what I loved about it, keep on reading!

“Maybe some things are just meant to be kept in our hearts.”
“Then I guess I’ll be keepin’ ya there forever.”

Malachy Shevlin, pub owner and thirty-nine year old orphan, believed he was destined to wander through life alone. Just a man and his canine companion, Padraig. Until unexpected news has him leaving behind his home in Dublin and hopping on a plane to America.

When Malachy suddenly finds himself with a woman he didn’t know he wanted and a family he never knew he had, he begins to feel something he didn’t think possible. Hope.

But is it too late for the grumpy Irishman to have everything he’s ever desired?


While reading the books in the Kinney Brothers series, there are certain things you get used to. Sweet Irish men with an accent, stubborn characters, amazing romance, a family you want to be your own and a smile on your face. Hope to Fall definitely checked off all the things on that list.
In Hope to Fall we get Malachy, who hasn’t had the easiest life, but really just wants love, but doesn’t know how to accept it. He’s been on his own for awhile, so when his life gets turned upside down, it’s not what he’s expecting and he doesn’t even dare to hope.
Emma was a fun character as well. Keeping Malachy calm on the plane was so cute, who knew they would end up running into eachother?
Hope to Fall is filled with love, humor, learning to accept yourself and those who want to love you and family. Sometimes you find it in places you least expect. On top of that we get a cameo from another one of Kelsey’s books and more Kinneys. I have come to love all these characters and can’t get enough!
I don’t have to hope to fall, because I definitely did for this book!
I can’t give away too much, because this is really a story you need to discover while reading it!

If you are curious about the Kinney Brothers, I have read and reviewed the previous books:

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I really recommend this series to romance lovers. On top of the romance there is a lot of humor and an amazing family you will want to read about.

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