Wishlist Wednesday| Anticipated Releases November

The end of the year is nearing and it seems like there are a little bit less books published in November. Still quite some books obviously, but not as much as the last couple of months it seems! There are a couple of highly anticipated releases in here so let’s take a look at our anticipated November releases.

Skyward – Brandon Sanderson (November 6th)

I have so many Brandon Sanderson book on my shelves, and I’ve only read the Reckoners series so far… That was a great series, although I’m still not sure how I feel about the ending. This seems like another super interesting series and I would love to add it to the never ending TBR.

Little White Lies – Jennifer Lynn Barnes (November 6th)

I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes books and I CANNOT wait for this one! A YA thriller set in the world of debutantes will likely be a bit different from other YA thrillers. I really hope we’ll get that unique twist an that I’ll enjoy it as much as her other books.

This Is What If Feels Like – Rebecca Barrow (November 6th)

This sounds like a book I am going to love! As a contemporary fan, I enjoy seeing books where characters learn how to fight for themselves. It’s obvious this group of friends have had some issues, but are all trying to find their way back to something good.

Archenemies – Marissa Meyer (November 6th)

I highly enjoyed Renegades and have been looking forward to the sequel since the moment I finished it. The ending was pretty shocking and I hope Archenemies can live up to the first book!

Girls of Paper and Fire – Natasha Ngan (November 6th)

I have heard amazing things about this book so far! I mean, just look at that cover!! Besides that I also read that it can be pretty heavy subject wise. All in all, I still plan on reading it. The Facebook group TBR & Beyond is doing a group read of this with an author chat, so I am very excited!


Empress of All Seasons – Emiko Jean (November 6th)

Another gorgeous cover! A fight for empress and the prince, seems easy doesn’t it? Haha. Add some magical elements in there and I am sold. I think this is going to be a really interesting book. I’ve read quite a few books where the main character must fight for a throne, but never quite like this. Empress of All Seasons is also going to be another TBR & Beyond group read and author chat!

The Wren Hunt – Mary Watson (November 6th)

This seems like a weird but cool book. It reminds me a tiny bit of The Call and I hope we’ll get that same feeling of dread and that creepiness with The Wren Hunt as well. The reviews that are up already are mostly positive.

Mammoth – Jill Baguchinsky (November 8th)

I think this might be a very important read. The main character is plus sized and we need more characters like that! It also seems like there will be some difficult but important events happening and I can’t wait to pick this one up.

The Resolutions – Mia Garcia (November 13th)

Senior year is hard for many groups of friends. What is going to happen after graduation? I think that pulls a lot of friends apart. To try and stop this, the characters think of dares to do in the new year. Only this doesn’t always go as planned. The Resolutions sounds like the perfect book to start the year with.

Wilder – Andrew Simonet (November 13th)

There are a lot of books this month surrounding high school students and different circumstances. I just love that they’re all different. Two students meeting at in-school suspension who connect immediately. I’m curious to learn more about their stories and how this turns out.


The Storyteller – Traci Chee (November 13th)

This is the final book in the trilogy (and I still need to read the second one, haha). The covers are gorgeous and the story is just really unique. I definitely recommend giving them a try. A book that could show you your life is rather interesting to read about.

Four Three Two One – Courtney Stevens (November 13th)

I think this is going to be a hard book to read, but very beautiful! What happens after surviving a bus bombing? Something like this changes your whole life! I’m curious to see how the characters deal with this and connect after something so devastating.

This Splintered Silence – Kayla Olson (November 13th)

This reminds me a bit of Contagion and I hope it’s as creepy! I really enjoy sci-fi thrillers and need more of them. This one seems to have great potential.

Your Own Worst Enemy – Gordon Jack (November 13th)

I hope this one is as funny as the synopsis makes it sound! A high school setting is usually a good start and hopefully this political campaign will be hilariously ridiculous.

Navigating the Stars – Maria V Snyder (November 19th)

I really enjoyed the poison study series but have yet to read Maria’s other series in that same world. This new series sounds pretty cool and I’m excited to see how her writing has improved.


Amber & Dusk – Lyra Selene (November 27th)

An illusionist, court intrigues, and according to reviewers; flawed but realistic characters. This book sounds great and the cover is gorgeous!

Outrun the Wind – Elizabeth Tammi (November 27th)

I actually already have an arc for this one through Netgalley, and have had it for quite a while… Oops! This one sounds amazing, it has a Hunt made up of female warriors and there seems to be a lesbian romance. I hope it lives up to the synopsis.


So those are the books we want to read that are releasing in November! What books are you looking forward to?

3 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday| Anticipated Releases November

  1. I’m especially excited to receive Skyward by Sanderson. It looks so promising! I also put in a pre-order for the mortl instruments graphic novel volume 2 and the 50th anniversary edition of the Last Unicorn.

    I’m really curious about archenemies by Meyer but I still have to buy and read the first book yet haha. Also really excited to read outrun the wind. I’ve received an arc as well earlier this year but hadn’t gotten around to read it yet either, oops.

    Navigating the Stars and this splintered silence are very high upon my wishlist as well since YA scifi has become a favorite genre to read and these two sound so promising!

    1. There really are some very promising books on this list! It isn’t too bad compared to other months though haha. Skyward seems like an amazing book but I think I need to pick up one of the 6 unread Brandon Sanderson books I have first haha. I haven’t pre ordered anything this month but some of these might find their way on my Christmas wishlist 😉

      1. This year has been an amazing year for books! Christmas wishlists are handy!

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